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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Any recommendation on Massachusetts dealers that will repair door corrosion around the hinges. My dealer Quirk in Marshfield, MA does not have a body shop and recommends I find another dealer. I think Jeep would be wise to change the design and move the hinges inboard in the next redesign...
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    @JeepCares Dealer looked at my corrosion yesterday and took photos of the areas I noted. Top hinges on the front doors were the worst with corrosion on both the hinge and doors. Got the classic "we haven't see this on the JLs, the JKs had corrosion issues" Funny thing is I looked at several...
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Anyone have any experience with hinge and door panel repaint at Quirk in Marshfield or Quincy, MA? Taking my 2019 Rubicon in today for my last free oil change and tire rotation. They will be documenting my door hinge corrosion for warranty submittal. They say they do the repair in the Quincy...
  4. Quirk Jeep Marshfield

    When the 2018s came out I approached Quirk Marshfield about ordering a JLUR from them at invoice. They wanted nothing to due with it. Tried twice actually a couple months apart. Ended up buying down in Maryland and driving it back for 8% below invoice. Well worth the trip. Quirk wasn't...
  5. What's the benefit of the LED lighting group?

    It's a no brainer. Can't understand why someone would by non LED. Skimp on something else.
  6. Any recommendation for MA dealers offering 5% or more off invoice?

    When I bought my 2019 I made the journey to Criswell and enjoyed the road trip back to MA. Worth the trip for 8% below. A few challenges with plates, taxes and insurance out of MA though but doable.
  7. Off-road Beaches in Mass

    Duxbury beach permit is an expensive and limited full season permit. It was closed for half of last summer for piping plovers (taste like chicken). I am curious about how the Cape Cod permits work.
  8. White Letters Out?

    I have Ocean Blue with white letters out. Old School I say. I think white vehicles, it's a no brainer. Some other colors not so much. BFG letters are better than others.
  9. 8.4” themes

    OK, What themes are you talking about? Didn't know we had that feature. Where do I access this setting? NVM, Found it. Could have a little more variety, many are very similar. More blues would be good.
  10. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Tan leather dashboard panels would look nice with the tan seats, tan armrests?
  11. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    I still think the fender vent should be deleted rather than accentuated.
  12. Wrangler Aerodynamics

    Here's a couple salty photos from a recent New England ski trip that illustrates the front end aero. This thing needs a bath.
  13. Hard top storage

    This has worked out really well for me.
  14. California Rubicon Painted Black Factory Fender Flares and Liners (Nor Cal)

    Those would actually look very cool on any of the other color vehicles as well. I think of the old 1940/1950s chevy or ford pickups that have black fenders and a red,blue, green body for the two tone effect. Maybe just me. I'd try them on my Ocean Blue Rubi if I wasn't on the other coast...
  15. Tank Turn

    Someday there might be an all electric wrangler. I'm sure Jeep is keeping an eye on this. 4 independent electric motors on a Jeep? Some engineer must be working on a solid axle version of this....
  16. Amber LED Fog Lights

    Yes, they are.
  17. Amber LED Fog Lights

    I have the yellow film on the stock fog lights. Has a slight greenish hue but they seem effective.
  18. Corrosion on JL Door

    @JeepCares What is the correct way to really fix this issue? Can you outline what Jeep dealers are instructed to do. I have 3-4 hinges with this condition. On one hand, I don't want to make it worse with a mismatched paint job or touch up, on the other hand, I want it dealt with before the...
  19. Maximus-3 JL Lighting Solutions

    Hi @Maximus-3, Have you considered putting together a back up light kit for the JL Rubicon? Something with a discrete LED lamp/s location bracket, wiring into the taillight?