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  1. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Stop/Start Not Ready - Battery Charging Arguably a notification rather than an error.
  2. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    I have come to the same conclusion for my 2018 3.6L JLUR this weekend. My replacement F150 finally came in a week ago (after a seven month wait) which left my JL sitting in the driveway. When I went to use the JL, the error is back. Mind you, I replaced the AUX battery myself this past April...
  3. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    My reply exactly! That along with "Did you fall and hit your head recently?"
  4. Broken Sky One Touch

    I guess that depends on how much faith one has in their dealer replacing a factory installed, weather-tight top which is not designed to be removed. A new top after three years is tempting but not enough for me. Sorry.
  5. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    Looking into the back of JLUR with my PowerTank mounted to the roll bar: "You're running Nitro on that thing?" <headslap>
  6. Broken Sky One Touch

    Sorry to hear that. I read another thread in the forum, posted after this one, where a dealer replaced entire top for what seemed to be this problem. My screw/nut solution seems to be holding up well. The real challenge will come if/when the rear mounted spring mechanism fails. 🤔
  7. Broken Sky One Touch

    Good point. I closed the top fully then opened it, stopping quickly once the first fold of the canvas top gave maximum access from below and above. Most of the broken rivet removal was squeezing and drilled slowly from below at an awkward angle taking a little material at a time. Once I broke...
  8. Broken Sky One Touch

    How you remove the broken rivet depends on how accepting you are to scratching its metal housing. I wanted to avoid too many scratches so I taped around the bottom of the rivet first. I started using a Dremel but got scared it would get away from me and stopped. I then used a series of small...
  9. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    Minor problem: Never been through a car wash with mine but I power wash it regularly to clean off salt, pollen, sand and/or mud. No leaks to speak of in the roof or window panels.
  10. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    Two years now with SkyTouch and my opinion stands. Love the simplicity of opening the top and/or sides anytime of the year here in New England, including on the highway, trails and the beach. No regrets and would certainly purchase again. Had a couple minor problems with it as documented...
  11. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Has anyone seen this problem persist after replacing just the aux battery. I purchased both aux and main batteries but the latter has not shown up yet. I replaced the aux this weekend, took a quick drive to see it "available" but am now seeing the message again.
  12. Oily residue on drivers side of engine... normal???

    Thanks for the post guys. I’ve been seeing this same oil staining on my ‘18 3.6 for a year plus but no drips on the garage floor in two plus years. With 22K miles and my last Wave oil change scheduled, I asked dealer to look into it....along with a failing ess battery. Like me on a few...
  13. Creaking front passenger seat while seated

    If you are comfortable with a rachet set, disconnecting a couple electrical harnesses and strong enough to slowly remove the weight of the seat eiher back or out of the rig, you will be good. I removed the seat by myself (putting painters tape on the painted door sill for protection) to find...
  14. Can you 100% eliminate steering shimmy?

    I have zero regrets about my MC lift and HD steering upgrades. Very happy with its handling as a DD and when climbing New England rocky/muddy/wooded trails. In my case, the shimmy came to light after upgrading to HD steering components at around 15K miles. This, in turn, brought light to...
  15. Can you 100% eliminate steering shimmy?

    This winter I started noticing and troubleshooting the same shimmy on my ‘18 JLUR. Only noticeable at speeds under highway, say under 50mph. Definitely not death wobble or bump steer. 37 Toyo MTs on 17” Icons., 2.5” MC Gamechanger with HD steering and updated stock stabilizer and aluminum...
  16. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Add my 2018 JLUR with 22K miles to this "Start/Stop not available. Charging" list. Still under warranty so brought it in to dealer. Got it back with "just needed a charge". Ugh. This from the same dealer who put 6.5 qts of oil in during my first free Jeep Wave change and who could not find...
  17. Rear Reverse Lights

    Just did
  18. Rear Reverse Lights

    I tried to get mine in using soapy water but it was not going and I was concerned about damaging the seal around the new light by hitting it hard. As it turned out, drivers side looks good BUT the passenger side, which snapped in easily, is fogged up. Sadly, it had only seen one water event...
  19. [FULL] GROUPBUY: ORACLE Lighting Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Been here myself. Took some persuading. Just noticed today, btw, my passenger side has condensation in it.
  20. Rear Reverse Lights

    Trying to install mine at the moment. Passenger side went in with a snap. Driver's side, however, doesn't want to go. The Oracle's top width/shape is wider than OE reflector as you can see. I do not want to force it as the light will give before the steel bumper does. Anyone else see this...