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  1. Has anyone reinforced the Mopar Rear Steel Bumper?

    I think that's the answer! I hadn't seen that before and that will take care of gouging the tub. I am sure I can bend the brackets and mess with it to get the bumper level again. Also something good to have even if I went with another bumper at some point being that most bumpers don't wrap all...
  2. Has anyone reinforced the Mopar Rear Steel Bumper?

    On my most recent off road outing, I went over an obstacle and came down on the rear end. Not overly hard but apparently hard enough to show me the rear steel bumper mounts aren't worth a damn. The right side of the bumper sits up higher than it did and the mounting bracket gouged the pinch weld...
  3. Pennsylvania Mopar side steps 2dr

    Sorry, I forgot to mark the thread. These are sold.
  4. New to jeeping looking for bumper/winch opinions

    I installed the 12K Apex from Harbor Freight with a Maximus 3 winch plate. Somewhat of a tight fit but it's in there. I did shave the handle so I can turn it all the way. Spent time and made it nice and smooth. Got it on sale for I think $549 or something. Hard to beat the price for a water...
  5. Florida CAVFAB Front and rear bumpers.

    Can't believe no one is jumping on these. If I lived anywhere in Florida or Georgia they'd be sold.
  6. Ohio RACOR PHL-1 Hoist & Topsy Products Cam & Bracket

    I'll take the 2 dr bracket kit!
  7. Does anyone sell a wheel/tire combo with Mopar beadlocks?

    Benny with hooked me up. Order is placed for the wheels and going with discount tire locally for my tires.
  8. Pennsylvania Sold: Mopar side steps 2dr

    My wife bought these as she wanted steps for her Jeep. She has come to find she really doesn't use them. I want to go off road and will be putting the rock rails back on. She paid around $300. Asking $150. Not interested in shipping.
  9. Does anyone sell a wheel/tire combo with Mopar beadlocks?

    Looking to order a set of Mopar beadlocks and was wondering if there are any vendors that will ship the combo mounted and balanced, ready to go. Would be great if so. Thanks
  10. Duratracs or ?

    I think I've decided to stick with the Duratrac. Served me very well and I wheeled them pretty hard. When I had them I normally took them down to 10-12 psi off road and never had any issues. Sounds like I'm not the only one who has had good experience with them. Going to call around tomorrow and...
  11. Pennsylvania Sold: Rubicon take offs, tires and wheels

    Located near Pittsburgh. Rubicon take offs, just over 15k miles on the set, spare hasn't been rotated in so tire is basically new. $1200 OBO for the set. May be willing to sell tires alone.
  12. How Can We Help?

    What can you do on a set of five of the Mopar beadlocks with simulated rings? Shipped to 15301. Thanks
  13. WTB: Rubicon or Moab Wheels and Tires

    Looking at getting new wheels and tires for our Rubicon. Current stock set has around 13k miles on them. Lots of tread left and everything is in great shape. Shame to say I haven't taken it off road yet as I'm waiting for my skid plates. Could meet in the middle if we struck a deal.
  14. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    Just started modifying the Jeep. First thing was adding the winch. I have heavy duty diff covers and a CB to install. Skid plates are ordered and should be here in a couple weeks. Once they are here I'll make a weekend project of it all. After that tires and a small lift and I will be set for a...
  15. ESS battery dead

    I was going to get the extended warranty through FCA but haven't done it because I was told it wouldn't cover batteries at all. This includes the ESS battery. No issues getting it fixed?
  16. Do i need to Regear my JL RUBICON with 35 inch tires?

    Agreed. I think once you get to 37's you can justify the cost but 35's run great with the 4.10's.
  17. Duratracs or ?

    I looked those up and see they come in a couple different styles. I like the look and will have to do some more digging on them. I think they look to be a good option. :like:
  18. Duratracs or ?

    Thanks. Looked up the Nexen and that's a full out mud terrain, a little much for the wife. That's why I'm leaning towards some of the hybrids. Nice looking tire though.
  19. Duratracs or ?

    My wife has a 2dr Rubicon and I'm about ready to upgrade tires and looking for recommendations. It's her daily but I will be taking it off road as well. Size will probably be 315/70R17, maybe a 35x12.50/17. I had Duratracs on my JK Rubicon and loved them. Wheeled the piss out of them and they...
  20. Indiana 2 Dr Black Sunrider Soft Top with Tinted Windows

    I assume this isn't twill right?