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  1. Has anyone used

    Apologies if I’m not posting in the right section of the forum, just curious if anyone knows if this site is legit? Saw these mopar led headlights at a reasonable price. Link below.
  2. Massachusetts Truck Lite/Rigid Industries Heated LED Headlights

    7” Heated LED headlights from truck lite. In good working condition. Come with JW Speaker brackets to fit a JL (see pic).No flickering. ~2 years left on warranty; Believe it is transferable. These were $650 new. Asking $399. Also willing to...
  3. Massachusetts Set of 5 sport alloy wheels

    Price reduction - $300
  4. Massachusetts WTB Rubicon Fenders / Rear Bumper

    2019 Sport S. Looking to buy rubicon fenders for both the front and back. Black preferred. Located outside of Boston but willing to drive a bit. Also interested in a rear bumper too.
  5. Massachusetts WTB JLU Rubicon fenders

    Front and back! Ideally in black Based just south of Boston. Willing to drive
  6. Massachusetts Set of 5 sport alloy wheels

    5 wheels off my 2019 JL Sport S. Wheels were removed at 5k miles. Michelin tires. Sensors included Based just outside of Boston Asking $350
  7. WTB Rubicon wheels

    Good looks man!
  8. WTB Rubicon wheels

    Yea took a look but didn’t see much nearby and/or are going for closer to $2000. Maybe that’s the going rate these days, but I’ve always heard closer to $1500 or less for new wheels. Appreciate the input
  9. Massachusetts WTB Rubicon takeoffs

    Looks for set of 5 but will consider 4. Based in Boston but willing to drive.
  10. WTB Rubicon wheels

    Looking for a set of Rubicon takeoffs. Based in Boston but willing to drive.