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  1. Mopar 5” led off road light replacement wiring harness

    I will do more research, it seems strange that such a common part seems so difficult to find. I also have a set of 7” lights coming, can’t wait to install them 😎
  2. Mopar 5” led off road light replacement wiring harness

    Thank you for pointing these out, I took a look and it looks like the connection is different to what I see on the pictures from install videos and the manual. Are you certain that these fit? Just want to make sure I don’t order the wrong thing by mistake. Many thanks!
  3. Mopar 5” led off road light replacement wiring harness

    Is there a difference between the AB and the AC version of the 5” leds?
  4. Mopar 5” led off road light replacement wiring harness

    Any idea where I can buy one? I have been googling for an hour unsuccessfully. Any help appreciated.
  5. Picked up My JLUR Last Week 😍

    Congrats! Looks great, I wish you loads of fun driving it and adding things to make it your own. I got quite addicted to modding mine, first time Jeep owner too 😅👍
  6. I am Looking for the best possible replacement battery for a Jeep

    I recently replaced my factory batter with an Odessey 48-720 AGM, seems a popular choice here on the forum.
  7. Looking up or locating Engine Number?

    I also used this number for shipping abroad, no issues whatsoever. Good luck, hope you get a container faster than we did, Jeep sat in NYC for 2 1/2 months 😩
  8. New dad! Kids, baby’s!

    Congratulations! We had our little boy last May. We got ourselves a cybex Sirona S car seat that can swivel on its base from rear facing to either side, it makes getting him out of the Jeep a lot easier for my wife who is only 5’2 tall.
  9. Battery size and recommendation for tow package oem replacement

    Yes, I am getting both, the shippers failed to properly disconnect the aux battery so it was DOA 😢 Main battery is still good, but we will be here another 2 years, so want to make sure I have a backup if I need it.
  10. Battery size and recommendation for tow package oem replacement

    Thank you for your super fast and detailed response Rhinebeck01, I really appreciate it. I am absolutely happy going with a 48, the main thing for me is that it fits and I do not end up with a battery I cannot use. Do you happen to know what type the OEM battery is? I could not find any obvious...
  11. Battery size and recommendation for tow package oem replacement

    Hi everyone, I need to replace my Aux battery on my 2020Jlur 3.6. As I am currently deployed to central Africa, logistics of getting the batteries here is a little challenging so I want to make sure I get the right thing. I plan to get both the Aux and main batteries so that I can replace both...
  12. Terraflex load leveling kit .5 inch spacers

    Hi everyone, I recently installed a Smittybilt X2O on a Maximus 3 winch plate in my oem rubicon steel bumper. I will soon be adding the Maximus 3 stinger. My Jeeps stance has definitely changed with the added weight and I was thinking about installing this leveling kit. I am not looking for a...
  13. Winch with stock steel bumper?

    I installed a Smittybilt X2O winch on a Maximus 3 winch plate with the oem steel bumper, no problems, good fit and looks good to me.
  14. tell me what I just saw:

    Could be an Ursa minor?
  15. Best hoop for OEM Steel Bumper on Rubi & Winch Mount Question

    Maximus 3 makes some nice hoops and a stinger that fit the JL steel bumper. They also make winch plates and recovery points, I own a stinger and winch plate and like both.
  16. Rubicon Level Help

    Interested in doing the same, following
  17. Diesel springs, front only on JLUR 3.6 gas

    Also interested in this. After adding a winch there is a droop I would love to eliminate. Not interested in a lift as of now.
  18. How did you decide on your engine?

    Yes, I own both his books and have been in touch with him. Great guy and incredible adventure. I believe he is stuck in quarantine in Australia right now heading to his next adventure.
  19. How did you decide on your engine?

    West Africa, thankfully I can source it elsewhere, but have to wait a few months…