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  1. Anyone know what these are on the windshield?

    I agree about the defroster, those connections look just like the ones on the rear glass defroster on my hard top.
  2. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Has anyone in Houston gotten this done? Mind sharing which dealer? Thanks.
  3. Bought at Criswell and used their financing - no pay-off penalty, but risk of losing 2% discount post-sale? How?

    Sure about that? Most auto loans are front loaded. Simple interest just means there's no penalty if you decide to pay it off early. That's why if you try and pay extra on your note, the bank default is to apply it to your next payment instead of the principal. They try to make sure you pay that...
  4. Bought at Criswell and used their financing - no pay-off penalty, but risk of losing 2% discount post-sale? How?

    But the dealer is ripping you off with a higher interest rate! And auto loans are front end loaded. Most of the interest is charged up front. This is a new scam by the dealers.
  5. MOAB tire upgrade?

    Finally upgrade the crappy KM2s with the 285/70 17 K02s. And wow, looks great! Ride great and are quiet. These are the tires it should have come with. If you have a MOAB on stock tires get the 33s next time. I saw no difference in the speedo when compared to Waze. Did I mention they look great...
  6. MOAB tire upgrade?

    Thanks! Probably my next upgrade as the stock KM2 are already really loud!
  7. MOAB tire upgrade?

    Looks great. So about that speedometer.
  8. Top Side Oil Change?

    It probably doesn't save time but it sure is a lot less mess. Plus the filter is on top as well. Would like to know if going through the dipstick tube gets 5 quarts out? I already use the pump out method on my other Pentastar V6 cars.
  9. Nav waaay off

    On the Chrysler Pacifica forum, people had the exact problem after DST on Nov 1. Was that around the time you had problems? Anyway the fix is a UConnect update via the UConnect website (using a thumbdrive).
  10. Apple Maps knows...

    I for one don't mind it. I welcome our robot overlords.
  11. Grab handles - mod that everyone should have!

    Shortie antenna. And yes the grab handles. I kept the ones from my JK and am using them in my JL. no problems.
  12. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Details? One thing that should have been standard!
  13. Willys and Freedom Edition Return to Wrangler (JL) for 2020

    Are they? In this day and age of computer controlled inventory and tracking and logistics?
  14. Willys and Freedom Edition Return to Wrangler (JL) for 2020

    I probably would have also gone with the Willys instead of the Moab if it was available. What I really wanted was the LED and Safety packages. The only negative is the crazy mud tires! My 2016 Willys came with KM2s and they were terrible.
  15. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    You are correct. I wish I was brave enough to order Yellow. Jeeps just look great in primary colors imho.
  16. Jalopnik says Diariomotor says Rubicon Loses to Prado and G-Class

    Its believable that the JL is the worst driving car he's driven in 20 years. The steering is beyond terrible and the ride feels like its was done by some backyard mod-er.
  17. Turtle Wax ICE

    Guys, go with the Turtle Wax Seal and Shine. Its new and its getting killer reviews from all the detailer pros on youtube. Its out performing wax that is sometimes 10X the cost. Local Walmart had them for $8. Check it out.
  18. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    What’s the biggest KO2s will fit the stock wheels with no mods?