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  1. California SOCAL Pick-up only (SAN DIEGO) - Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure -JLU (4 Door) by Diabiolical

    BBDOC bought it this morning! Hope it works out for him!
  2. California Sold: SOCAL Pick-up only (SAN DIEGO) - Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure -JLU (4 Door) by Diabiolical

    Purchased a year ago. It is not compatible now with my Maximus-3 Roof and attached ladder. Like new, some rust spots where the bolt hole are located. It is dissembled and east for transport. $200 Thanks, Alex Email: [email protected] If you send me your number, I can text you photos. I do not...
  3. Are You Going To Pay For SiriusXM Guardian for UConnect After The Trial Ends? Feel free to comment w

    I will renew mine. I like the feature of unlocking my vehicle from my iPhone app when I need to let my coworkers access to my vehicle to store supplies. Another use I have found was when my alarm went off randomly at 3 A.M., it was much easier to use the app to lock/silence the Jeep than getting...
  4. 30" LED hood mounts

    I’ve been working on mine for a while. I used WD—40. I shook my windshield wiper furiously like it owed me money.
  5. New JL Decals added!

    Thanks pixeldecals! I like my reflective red California flag (some reflection and glare from the cooler and I did have JEEP wrap my jeep so you can see how they did not pay detailed attention to the wrangler logo).
  6. JLU (4DR) Unboxed, New Premium Tinted Black Soft Top - SoCal $2,000

    I'll keep you updated if I have a chance to drive up north.
  7. JLU (4DR) Sold: Unboxed, New Premium Tinted Black Soft Top - SoCal $2,000

    Purchased the Dual Top option. I have no need for the soft top. Local pick-up only. San Diego, CA
  8. SOLD***FS Brand new Weathertech mats*** SOLD

    I'll buy them off you! I'm in the 92111 area!
  9. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Boom!!!! Ordered on 04/19. Received on 08/01. I have the TRMS option.
  10. Hard Top On

    I installed my JTOPSUSA yesterday and was unimpressed with the droop that occurs when you fold back magnetized flap and have the hardtop. It's a bust for me. I'll try adjusting mine as you did yours; however, the entire second row and cargo area is already taut. [email protected]
  11. JL FOB Holsters

    I bought two! Thank you!
  12. JLWF / Tazer Z-Automotive Giveaway: Tazer Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Interested! Come on, baby! No whammies! Double 6! "Rubs lucky rabbits foot" Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
  13. JTopsUSA Titanium with Granite Comparison Pics

    Your dog even looks happy with your purchase! Thanks to your pictures, I'll order one!
  14. Key Fob Information and Pics

    I heard Chuck Norris is hiding in the Key Fob! Can someone confirm?!
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thank CanvasBack looks great! It fits nicer than all weather ones. I think I'll consider this option instead! r
  16. Dash Camera Hard-Wire

    This is what I was thinking when I get my Jeep. I'm novice with electrical work so correct me if I am wrong. I would consider either utilizing the aux switches (most straight forward, if you have it) or splicing into the power rear-view mirror; albeit, it will power down when the ignition/acc...
  17. Painting hardtop underside black (with bedliner spray)

    TheRealTVGuy utilized Plasti Dip on his hardtop. The product claims to be insulating (not sure about temps) but his pictures look great!