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  1. Missouri JLU Hardtop Firecracker Red sale or trade for Plain hardtop

    Yeah that would work, just wondering how would we exchange though. Maybe set them off in the grass.
  2. Missouri JLU Hardtop Firecracker Red sale or trade for Plain hardtop

    Yeah I still have it, st louis is a good 3-4 hours 1 way.
  3. JeepHER needing advice 😬

    That's a very nice set of "tires".
  4. Proper Jeep Wave

    This is so sad for a grown man to ask this type of question.
  5. California TopLift Pro

    expect to pay full price
  6. JL resale values are insane!

    mmm smells like lies up in here. I just check mine on vroom and it gave me the same as kbb trade in value.
  7. Who has their top down?

    Congrats on bringing a year old post back to life to post a picture.
  8. $1000-2000 to invest...what to do first?

    Buying crap for your jeep is not investing.
  9. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    I leave it cranked so I can pull in over the base and up to the bar of the rollnjack.
  10. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    WTH why are your safety/locking pins on top and not the bottom? Was their a design change?
  11. Inside the Exhaust Pipe Cleaning Tool ?

    Cleaning the inside of a exhaust pipe... seriously.... wow...
  12. Hummer EV

  13. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    ?? It's 4k for half doors . Full doors are free with purchase.
  14. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    More delays now 23 Sept or after. So 3 months and still waiting, if anybody gets a ship date please let us know.
  15. Poll: 2 or 4 door Jeep

    It's a stupid poll not worth voting on. I'm not sure why this post came back from the dead either. Just some trolls stirring pot with their 2 door is real jeep crap.