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  1. 38” Tires fit and they are awesom!!

    Love the build! 2 Questions: - how much bump front and rear? (I've got nearly the same set up with my 3.5" RK X factor lift) - Any trimming outside of the quarter panels behind the rear wheels? (I trimmed 1.5" out of my rear, split my fenders, and installed Artec Inner Fenders) Curious to see...
  2. 40" tires on stock axles.

    How are these working out on stock axles? I just slapped on the 38” Pats myself! Do you wheel tough tracks? Driving style? I’d love to hear your review so far!

    Hey, I actually still have it. Boxed ready to ship if needed. It has the changed bracket on it to fit an aftermarket Tie Rod (it was attached to the synergy HD tie rod). PM me for details

    Hey, I didn't see my email until now. Feel free to text me if you'd like to move forward, 812.343.2776. I can ship out by Tuesday at the latest. Let me know if that works for you, I know you mentioned a trip. Thanks

    Interested in the stabilizer?

    Hey, Yes sir it was! I have the Synergy track bar, drag link, and tie rod. That what you're rocking?

    Hey All, Selling my Falcon 2.2 adjustable steering stabilizer. I probably have 10K miles on it but it's basically in perfect condition. Already set up to work with the heavy duty tie rod! NOTE: I sent this to Falcon/Teraflex and had the mount changed over to the mount for the heavy duty tie...
  8. Vermont OEM JLUR Exhaust System

    Ah, all good, thank you though!
  9. Vermont OEM JLUR Exhaust System

    Hey, system from the loop back + hangers
  10. Vermont OEM JLUR Exhaust System

    I don't see a PM
  11. Vermont OEM JLUR Exhaust System

    Need an OEM exhaust system!
  12. Vermont Rubicon

    Hey Mike, Got it, that's a total shame about the corrosion issue :-/. And yea, I'm new to VT on day 14 from NYC haha. As far as maintenance etc, I do everything myself and actually get under the Jeep no less than every 3 months to take my drill/wire brush to any spots, hit with alcohol, and...
  13. Vermont Rubicon

    Hey! Just saw your post, I'm in Tinmouth, VT! Just moved here 2 weeks ago today. Do you go wheeling? Know a good/trusted shop? I'd love to connect! Thanks!
  14. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    Hey, That's a good question actually. I've been looking at installing the same kit. But judging on where my hose runs, I think it would clear with no issues. Let me know if you do it!
  15. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    Hey, Thanks for reaching out. I didn't do the t-case hose. I've been off-roading at off-road parks and off grid scenarios since day 1. I've never had an issue but have changed my t-case fluid twice since. Both times I changed my fluid it was in perfect condition so I've not had any issues with...
  16. Solution for squeaky brakes?

    Hey, same here! It's so annoying, you figure out what it was?
  17. Front wheel area squeak

    Hey, I have this happening now too. Did you find a fix for it? It's so annoying!
  18. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Ah! Nice, appreciate the info. Are they sturdy? as in no flapping in the wind.
  19. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Hey, how did you remove the inner fender yet maintain the stock DRL marker? I'd love to do the same.
  20. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Hi, How much bump-stop here with 2" lift? 3" bumps? Thanks!