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  1. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    Honestly still impressed with how well the driver handled the situation, from the minute it started creeping over to the end when it settled. Also, still curious how they got the rig off the trail..
  2. South Carolina Bestop Trektop Black Diamond

    If the other two offers fall through, I am also extremely interested, & happy to drive to you.
  3. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    You’re right, but honestly there would be no point. FS&G; I make epoxy tumblers, & I sometimes use the Built brand 20oz tumblers from Walmart. A few months ago Walmart marked the tumblers down to $2/$3 each from $9/$12... A LOT of makers went to their Walmarts to wipe out whatever was in...
  4. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    Oh I definitely did before finishing the order. Just took the screenshot first to show pricing for just the tires.
  5. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    They're back in stock & marked down even further; I just ordered a set of 5 for $7.07/ea. Order total under $40 with taxes, fees & free shipping.
  6. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    I need these to come back in stock.... I would love to gamble $50 on 33” tires for my Christmas gift to myself. ;)
  7. 2021 JLU Already Towed to Dealer at 114 miles on the odo. Owned less than 2 hours... WTH

    I don't know that anyone has pitchforks at the ready... but I can 100% understand buyer's remorse &/or lemon concerns on a vehicle that leaves one stranded on the vary day they sign paperwork & accept delivery.....
  8. Does Anyone Have Any Questions About Manufacturer Backed Extended Warranties?

    I bought a 2021 JLU Willys in October, after ordering in August. We bought the extended MOPAR warranty (insisted, really on the MOPAR warranty over their third party warranty) because our understanding from finance was that it was an extension of the Bumper to Bumper warranty... Is that not the...
  9. Maryland Proximity Remote Bluetooth/Cable Adapter

    Wait, what?? You used these to enable proximity locks?? I feel like I need details!
  10. West Virginia WTB-Mopar Steel Front bumper and skid plate

    If OP passes, I'd be interested in pricing. I'm in Clayton area.
  11. 2021 JLU Already Towed to Dealer at 114 miles on the odo. Owned less than 2 hours... WTH

    FWIW, I have been driving my JLU Willys for 6+ weeks without any major issues, & took it off-roading this past weekend.. performance was flawless. So hopefully, they can diagnose and fix your issue, and it be a "one & done" kinda thing. I 100% understand your frustration though.. as someone else...
  12. North Carolina Rubicon Suspension - Free

    Sweet! That's what I figured, but thought I'd ask anyway. I'd love to come get it! I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. North Carolina Rubicon Suspension - Free

    I have a 2021 JLU Willys with towing & hardtop packages.. would it be worth the difference to install Rubi take-off suspension? I have been keeping an eye out for the "hard top, steel bumpers, towing JLUR take-offs," because my understanding was that would offer the most lift. Please educate...
  14. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    She's finally home! I'm ecstatic. 2021 JLU Willys in Sting Gray with 7" tech group, convenience & cold weather group, & towing package. Purchase price about 10% below MSRP. Added on MOPAR extended warranty & they're throwing in a ceramic paint protectant. Ordered 8/22.
  15. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I was right there with you! Totaled my car on 7/22, ordered my JLUW on 8/22, got my first update of real progress 9/22, & we are picking up 10/17. For me, the dealer seemed to have updates a day or two ahead of what Jeep Chat coud tell me. They just didn't give as many updates as I wanted...
  16. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    We have an appointment to do paperwork & pickup tomorrow at 9AM. So far there hasn't been anymore issue, so I'm hoping we're good. I'm so excited.
  17. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Yes & no.. they would not make arrangements to do a contact-free purchase, so we have an appointment first thing on Saturday. (Over a week after it arrived at the dealer..) I would hope they don’t sell it, & my salesman told me it’s in the back lot with four miles on it, & he is the only one...
  18. Opinions Wanted - Decent Deal?

    As others have said, you should be able to figure out what invoice pricing is pretty easily if you know what options it comes with. If you don’t know, you can probably find out by looking on the Jeep website for wranglers in transit to that location. As for trades, if all other offers have been...