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  1. Tracking info deleted?

    That's basically my life in summary, yes. 😂
  2. Tracking info deleted?

    So my Rubicon was built and in shipping phase. Late last week my dealer checked on it and said it was currently in transit at a rail yard in NY. ETA 11/7-11/15... It's getting shipped to MA. Today I spoke to him and when he went to track it, all of the tracking info was gone. Last update was...
  3. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    So I got my build sheet on 10/28. Then today Jeep chat had this to say: "Thank you for waiting! I can see your order has been released from the factory and was approved for shipping. Shipping arrangements have not been completed yet but it should be leaving soon! There is no ETA listed at...
  4. Manual Transmission Cruise Control Surprise

    That's really odd, my cruise control disengages even if I just look at the clutch pedal, let alone throwing it out of gear. I think something isn't working the way it should, I'd get it checked out. I drive a 2020 JL sport 6spd, but have a Rubicon on order...once that comes in I'll definitely...
  5. Jeep Wave. Anyone feel like this?

    Boston, almost no one waves. Immediately outside of the city, most people wave. I can't help but feel like a rejected fat chick whenever I wave and get nothing in return.
  6. Manual Transmission Ordering CLOSED on Rubicons??

    I would hope so, I ordered a manual JLUR last week and already have a vin so this must be recent. I can't imagine that they'd discontinue the 6spd for 2022, there's just too much interest from people who can't let go (like myself). Sorry to hear that though, I would be pissed and sad at the same...
  7. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Yeah, that whole patience thing is hard to come by 😂
  8. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Yeah, just got off the phone with them.
  9. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Well, ordered on 9/21 and I just got my VIN today. Apparently it's in D status, whatever that may entail.
  10. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    I was really close to going with the granite myself, but ended up going blue...I was crushed that they discontinued Hella...but yeah, I'd be anxious too.
  11. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Congrats to you as well. This is the first time that I've ordered a car as well, I always just bought off the lot before... but since nowadays there isn't much on said lots, here we are... Someone mentioned that the cold weather package is causing delays, and I immediately believe them because...
  12. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    That's awesome, I can only hope mine is as quick. I almost went with the Willys, but I really wanted a higher gear ratio (6spd), and leather seats. Which for some reason, isn't an option if ordering a Willys.
  13. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    I got the same 1% below invoice. I'm happy with it. I didn't want to push too hard for more because I got the dealer to offer me close to 4k more for my trade in than the other 3 cdjr dealers I went to...and my trade in 2020 JL sport is in rough shape; mostly just wear from a year of mountains...
  14. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Well, that certainly falls in line with my luck as of late. Maybe since my order is a 6spd, so no remote start, it'll get through faster. But thanks for the info.
  15. Best Dog-Hair-Proof carpet replacement?

    So seems like Armorlite is definitely the way to go over Bedtred?
  16. Best Dog-Hair-Proof carpet replacement?

    Does armorlite make a full set for the JLUR? It seems that on their site they only have the front and rear, no cargo area option...
  17. Best Dog-Hair-Proof carpet replacement?

    What are you guys using? I just ordered a new JLUR and so far have looked at bedtred and armor lite. Any other options? I'd like to replace all of the carpet in the car, including cargo area with something that's easily cleaned. My current JL sport is rhino-lined, which is okay, but I'd rather...
  18. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Guilt? Sure, the Jeep community sticks together. But in this regard, I wouldn't feel bad. At all. (Hear that, @JeepCares?)
  19. Just ordered a Rubi today!

    Heard. In I'll be sure to check it 4x a day once I get my VIN. Until then, I'll just have to settle for contacting my dealer 4x a day to inquire about my VIN. How long does it usually take from order to VIN? A week?