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  1. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    2020 Willys, stock m/t tires and no added lift.
  2. California Rubicon fenders

    Late to the party - anyone else selling black, non painted Rubi fenders?
  3. Picture thread: My Jeep Survived That.....

    I'm at 26,000 miles and counting on my 2020. I wish I could say I've got more off-road miles than highway, but a fair portion of the highway miles have been heading to the trails. Been from the top to the bottom of California in the past year, plus runs to Nevada multiple times. This was on...
  4. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    18 months in, and I still love this color. So many random compliments.
  5. Ratio of Mechanical/performance upgrades vs cosmetic/practical upgrades - what’s your priority?

    I appreciate all the comments here. Totally agree with the “Your Jeep, Your Way” philosophy. And I want to stress that not everyone was like that at the Jamboree. It was a good mix of people. Just a couple of hard core folks from the upper divisions. One of ‘em may have even gotten a little...
  6. Ratio of Mechanical/performance upgrades vs cosmetic/practical upgrades - what’s your priority?

    Something I observed at a Jamboree event this year was a lot of owners focus on the mechanical upgrades - wheels, tires, lift kits, engine mods - and think the comfort/security upgrades are way too expensive. My JL is a daily driver, and a lot of what I’ve done is for security and comfort...
  7. Slipstream and outback Adventure Trailgater compatibility

    Hi All, Just a note here, if anyone else looks for the answer - I have a Slipstream installed (no sub) and was hesitant to get a tailgate table for fear it would prevent the tailgate from shutting with the Slipstream closed. These concerns were unfounded - the tailgate table works great with...
  8. Just a quick vent. I need to vent.

    I'm fortunate to live in LA and have a plethora of Jeep dealers to pick/choose from. Lots of shady ones - I was actually at a dealership to sign paperwork on my yellow Willys, when I got an email from ANOTHER dealership, trying to sell me the SAME vehicle. (she tried to trim off the VIN from the...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Trailgater table installed! Happy to report it works perfectly with my Diabolical Slipstream rear enclosure. Had a week’s vacation and had about 5 instances where I wished I had a table to work/eat off of on the road. Really impressed with the build quality and ease of installation.
  10. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    A similar thing I ran up against at the Jamboree - had so many people talk to me about $2000 lifts and $3k locker upgrades and $$$ for bigger tires and axles and drive shafts like it was no big deal, but then lost their $*** over my Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop being “expensive.”
  11. 2021 Big Bear Jamboree this weekend

    With my stock lift and 32” tires, I opted for the Orange group, and had a blast. We did 1N09 and Clark’s Grade on Saturday and did a mix of Holcomb Valley, Little John Bull, and Van Deusen Canyon on Friday.
  12. 2021 Big Bear Jamboree this weekend

    It's my first Jamboree, so come say hi if you're attending. If you're not attending, plan accordingly - I understand some of the trails get closed for the special event. Runs Friday/Saturday. There's a mandatory meeting at 8:30am, so your best bet is to hit the trails early and beat the rush.
  13. Better Hill Descent Feature Understanding

    It does maintain, or try to maintain, the target speed, which varies between 1.8mph and somewhere around 6mph, depending on the setting. Feet off BOTH the brake and gas when using it, and just focus on steering. If I come up onto a big rock, it will momentarily slow/stop, and then auto apply a...
  14. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    With 15,000 miles on my 2020 JLU, I've already had one full replacement and a follow-up visit from Safelite to repair a big chip/crack that wasn't large enough to warrant a new windshield. Total cost: $50. Good insurance helps. But I would rather not have to worry.
  15. What happens when Sirius XM free trial concludes?

    I keep getting offers for the $5/month deal for "Select" service when my free trial runs out in April, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I can't find out whether that includes the Howard Stern channels. I don't think they have a discount plan if you include HS. (Love his interviews, hate a...
  16. Where is the world is the Rubi? Anyone in Long Beach? [was: Anyone in Ontario?]

    Difficult to get anywhere near the docks at Long Beach - since all the security was ramped up,
  17. What kind of off roading is a JLU Sport S capable of?

    I really hope the Jamboree guys do more of these one-day Jeep Adventure Academy events. I went to the one in Hollister, and was there with a total mix of models. The Sports did everything the Rubicons did, with the exception of one really gnarly box canyon section that required lockers. The team...
  18. Death Valley 12/19-12/20

    I'm coming from Culver City, so can probably meet in Barstow. We're planning to overnight in the park somewhere, yes? I don't have a rooftop overland rig, but I have an easy setup ground tent that folds/unfolds out in minutes.
  19. Death Valley 12/19-12/20

    Please send me details! I’d love to do a Death Valley trip!
  20. Share the music!

    I have the Bootie Goes Goth and Bootie Beyond Thunderdome albums, plus some other stuff by DJ Lobsterdust. Any other Mashup fans?