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  1. Rugged Ridge MaxTerrain vs Bushwacker Hyperform

    I'm looking at the BW ones for my Willy's, they look great but their photos show diff fender liner.
  2. New Jersey 5x Jeep Wrangler Soft Top JLU 4 door Twill Premium

    Stick with premium twill if able, looks much better. I just took mine off for winter but took thru touchless car wash all summer no issues. Don't think sail cloth would allow that.
  3. Problem with Mopar Soft Top (little flap won't stay shut). Anyone else?

    Mine come out easy, maybe too easy. Bar gives me problems usually
  4. Problem with Mopar Soft Top (little flap won't stay shut). Anyone else?

    I sent @JeepCares message. I have 2020 but bought soft top from local jeep owner. Idk how that will work.
  5. Problem with Mopar Soft Top (little flap won't stay shut). Anyone else?

    Anyone find way to stop this? Mine come undone after every drive.
  6. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I pulled mine. But try the other ACC setting. I had same issue
  7. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    U ever get that done? I'm doing same for pods under steering wheel
  8. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    I have '20 JLU Willys that came with 5", bought 7 off forums on here. Compass & SiriusXM not working. Says acquiring signal. Been about 24hrs. 5" had SiriusXM already, do I still need to get the infotainment antenna??
  9. Custom cargo "security" enclosure for under $100

    Very cool. Should sell these. Wish I had the tools to do myself
  10. Rough Country Quad Pods DRL stopped working

    I'll try that when I get the right kit. Thanks
  11. Rough Country Quad Pods DRL stopped working

    Fuse was first thing I checked. Should've mentioned that. But fuse is good. Weird rocker switch don't light up and low setting don't work but high does.
  12. Rough Country Quad Pods DRL stopped working

    I have set of Rough Country pods, they have DRL or low setting and high. I had stereo installed & since then the RC light switch don't light up when turned on anymore. That made me check the lights and the low/DRL don't turn on. High setting works fine. Contacted RC but they just want to send...
  13. Illinois Insane Audio with Doors Off

    I don't have the insane audio but I upgraded my deck and had same issue. My deck had setting for ACC + doors open. It was called shutdown mode on my CC3. But once I switched that setting it worked fine
  14. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Thanks. Looks great. Any tips?
  15. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Have u been able to get photos? I want to do this for smittybilt compressor
  16. Washington High End Overlanding Setup (Baroud tent and awning, Rhino backbone)

    This is a dream setup & someone will get a great deal!
  17. Texas Mopar OEM LED Headlights (DFW area)

    I have Willys sport & they were my first upgrade. I didn't use taser but I got the wiring harness from headlight haven. They post on here. It was simple, no tazer needed
  18. Door Surround upper/lower Gasket for soft top (where to buy)

    Ridiculous. They sell them for JK, JL been out for almost 4yrs & I've found tons of ppl with same problem we have.