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  1. JL Tail light protection guards?

    That's lame thats its for LED only :headbang:
  2. Westin Bumpers

    I'd like to know too. I really like the looks of the rear bumper.
  3. Off Road Lights

    Yeah. That plastic cap has tabs on the interior that can be squeezed which will let it pop out on the engine side. I popped out the cap and used a rotary tool to make a hole in the cap... This lead to hearing a lot of engine noise however so I then put a rubber strip across the hole of the cap...
  4. Colorado Fairly new (1422 miles) - JLR 33" BGF KO2 Tires (5)

    Darn... Thanks for responding!
  5. Colorado Fairly new (1422 miles) - JLR 33" BGF KO2 Tires (5)

    Are they still available? I'm in N. Colorado Springs.
  6. Steering wheel wobble?

    Thats where I'm at.
  7. What winch are you using?

    I'm running a Warn VR 10-S. Pulls like its hardly working :-).
  8. Steering wheel wobble?

    The Fox Steering stabilizer has been installed in mine and so far so good. I've hit the same bumps that caused the issue the worst and it didnt occur. Only been on for a couple days though so time will tell.
  9. Steering wheel wobble?

    Its had 2 other steering stabilizers put in and the drag link replaced. They also say theyved checked everything as well.
  10. Steering wheel wobble?

    My death wobble is worse then ever. Cant drive the vehicle above 50 without the slightest bump causing it now :-(. Dealership has a Fox Stabilizer on order but I'm running out of hope of this issue being fixed. It has become a daily occurrence for me to have to put my flashers on and slow my...
  11. Steering wheel wobble?

    @JeepCares The shake is exactly how mine started too. I am on my third steering stabilizer and while it will mask it for a bit it doesn't fix it. Mine keeps getting worse and does it until slowed down to 30 mph though :-(.
  12. Steering wheel wobble?

    @JeepCares Update: Have been trying to contact my Jeep cares associate multiple times and have left multiple voicemails. I've even provided info for when I could be contacted... Tonight I get an email saying the case will be cancelled if I dont get in touch with them... I've since left a...
  13. Steering wheel wobble?

    I'm getting pretty fed up with dealing with this :-(.
  14. Steering wheel wobble?

    Ive had the steering stabilizer replaced twice now and still have the wobble. Jeep will go in later this week (4th visit) :-(.
  15. Steering wheel wobble?

    Mine definitely seemed to be worse when the weather cold. UPDATE: Dealer is saying the newly installed stabilizer is defective as well.
  16. Steering wheel wobble?

    My vehicle has been at the dealership since last Wednesday. Still not fixed. The dealer tried bringing up the Mopar lift that they installed even though many others are having this issue with stock JLs. Oh yeah... the service advisor actually made the comment that Jeeps with lifts are for off...
  17. Steering wheel wobble?

    Ive had both my drag link and steering stabilizer replaced which helped at first... Now the wobble is back just as bad as before. I cant believe so many people are having this issue and theres still no solution. :-(
  18. Death wobbles resolved today!!

    My dealer has replaced both the drag link as well as the stabilizer. Worked for a little while but its back again... Im once again without a vehicle which unfortunately is becoming the norm.
  19. JL Death Wobble Tips

    I've had both my drag link replaced as well as the steering stabilizer. Still have it :-(.