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  1. Electrical Help - Appliance repair

    Thanks, definitely a thermal fuse. Looks just like this one I found online.
  2. Electrical Help - Appliance repair

    My rice cooker stopped working. I disassembled it and did some testing and found that no current can pass through the following component. Can anyone tell me what this part does and if current should be able to pass through it? One side goes to the electrical plug and the other to one side of...
  3. 2.0L Recall Notice (not due to engine)

    From the article, it looks like a manufacturing defect in a certain batch. If it was replaced after March 18th, 2020, (when that batch was depleted), I would think you should be OK.
  4. Midrange Dash Speakers?

    How about gluing some speaker mesh under the speaker covers to keep the sand out?
  5. How old is the 2.0 T?

    Correct. Easy driving when I get close to my destination/parking and then sitting for only around 30 seconds to let the coolant flowing thru the turbo do its job. It probably helped that the WRX has a hood scoop and the turbo is under it allowing heat to escape upward when parked.
  6. How old is the 2.0 T?

    I went with the Hikeit, seemed like the best value. I only replaced the WRX because the original clutch had just stated to slip. (only lasted 210,00 miles). Turbo was still going strong; not burning any oil. I always made sure I didn't turn it off HOT, went easy on it before turning the car off.
  7. How old is the 2.0 T?

    I drove a 2003 WRX 5MT (Stage 2) before my 2.0 for 210,00 miles (all my miles). After installing a throttle controller in the Jeep I am more that satisfied with the performance of the 2.0 Auto. Doesn't have top end like the WRX, but I don't need it in the Jeep.
  8. Regen dropping out while braking, and now downhill!

    The new Mustang Mach-E is also having a problem with regen-braking. Rendering the vehicles inoperable after descending a mountain.
  9. Looking for a tough sounding exhaust for 2.0L (Opinions Please)

    As far as I know, Boral is the only one who has a specific muffler for the 2.0. The others list their exhaust kits for the 2.0 and the 3.6 (same part #). The Borla would fit either also, but the mufflers were tuned for the specific engine. (Please let me know if there are others).
  10. My Uconnect keeps calling my ex wife

    Change the name of the number in your contacts/phonebook and see if it still happens.
  11. Hikeit 9 throttle controller setting for daily driver?

    I went with C3 on my 2.0 Turbo. Anything higher than that and I was spinning the tires from a stand still. I love the change it made to throttle response.
  12. Those Freedom Panels save the day again... family rescued in flood waters

    Video of the rescue on Facebook.
  13. Dealer license plate frames

    Painted my dealer frames flat black, and put them back on. Plate looks a little unfinished without a frame. I requested that they not put any dealer decals or badges, which they didn't.
  14. Your Emergency Communication Protocol When Solo'ing

    In a more general sense, always make sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to be back, and check in with them after the trip is completed. If you don't check in, they can start making inquires.

    Can you change the exhaust note on the fly, or does it take connecting a computer to make changes? Would be great to be able to play around with different engine sounds. Make it sound like an Indy car and freak people out.
  16. New York FS: Cat-back exhaust Diamond Eye - now $99

    I still have the box, but I think shipping would be high due to the size. I can measure. It is lightweight.
  17. No Squatting JL's in NC

    Dangers of a squat -Headlights incorrectly aimed. ( I doubt there is enough adjustment in the headlight to account for the rake) -removing negative caster from the front suspension. (steering instability and inadequate steering wheel return to center) (difficult to keep straight under hard...
  18. Missouri (1) Dynomax Muffler Delete: 1 New (Painted Black)

    Sent you a PM for the new one.