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  1. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    Nothing, just add more! The more colors I get to see on the road the better!
  2. Antenna- shorter but still decent reception?

    Went with this one, wasn't expecting much but since I don't use it much it didn't really matter. Turns out gets decent reception in town. Haven't tried it elsewhere.
  3. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    That is a correct statement, it uses the frames and replaces the bolts.
  4. Sunshade with soft top

    I have the JLKini from Spiderweb, highly recommend!
  5. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    I installed the Mopar one the first week. It took 2 attempts so glad they had 2 but never notice it, it's been on 2.5 years.
  6. Undisclosed Sahara Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights or just the lights

    For sale either entire bumper with lights or just the lights. Dealer put holes in bumper for plate. Will ship fog lights but bumper is pick up only in Eastern Iowa (might deliver to eastern IA or Northern IL if I am headed that way). Price drop, asking $150 lights or bumper with lights .
  7. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Took the grill off and spray painted with VHT SP997 Engine Enamel Nu-Cast Cast Iron. It's been on a year and seems to be holding up well.
  8. JTops or Spiderweb shade?

    JTops looked good but I wanted only the front so went with Spiderweb which I loved on my JK. The JL install does not require you to take the windshield all the way down, I pulled it forward a little and did not have to remove the wipers. No issues with it other than I left it on last winter...
  9. Question: Plastic pieces found under back seat

    look like they are probably covers for the seat belt. Look near the top of the rear belts.
  10. Jeep catching wind on highway

    Not since I gave up and stopped clipping them in.
  11. Seat Belts buzzing when windows are down.

    2nd this, at least it worked on my JK. Haven't had the issue yet on my JL but then again I only had the doors off a couple of times before it got cold last year.
  12. New and considering Wrangler

    Yeah my JLU rides like a truck my JK 2 door road like a bouncy house!
  13. Question about doors coming off frequently

    I use spray can of white lithium grease
  14. Dual Top Owners - When do you switch to Soft Top?

    One consideration if you want to haul anything in the winter with the soft top that requires opening more than the gate, you risk cracking the plastic rear window if its cold out.
  15. Dual Top Owners - When do you switch to Soft Top?

    Probably this weekend, I always get the itch to put it on before it really makes sense.
  16. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    Thanks, looks good and thanks for the link!
  17. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    Please post a side view, I'm looking at that rear bumper and wondering how it looks with the Sahara fenders.
  18. Anyone else wish the soft top was more like the JK's?

    The JL functions so much better I would love it even if I didn't like the look. At first I found it odd but it grew on me fast! Much better than the JK!