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  1. Anyone Have Feedback on Kanati Trail Hog Tires?

    I have about 8,500 miles on mine now and after about 5K I could feel the front drivers side tire is out of round. It felt a little wobbly in the rear but when I rotated them and it went up front you could really feel it. I've had them on for a while so I'm not going to waste my time pursuing any...
  2. 35's with Dirty Life wheels no lift

    Nope! Go watch the early litebrite videos from about 3 years ago. The videos will answer every possible question you have trust me.
  3. Pennsylvania Sold: Falcon shock's JLU 2.5-4"

    Falcon shock's for JLU 2.5"-4" lift. Had them on about a year and they're in fantastic shape. Pick up only located in the Carlisle PA area. $350 for quick sale. (909)717-2764
  4. Anyone Have Feedback on Kanati Trail Hog Tires?

    Well I'm at 3,000 miles and I still love them. Dry, snow or rain they hook up. A little louder than the Pats but they work fantastic. Off road they really work well. Happy so far
  5. DIY Gear installation attempt 02/27

    Also it took him maybe 4 hours and he'll do 2 jeep's in a day. Robert said he makes $400 per Jeep so $800 per day on the weekend times 2 equals $1,600 cash money every weekend. Not bad side cash.
  6. DIY Gear installation attempt 02/27

    He probably had at least 100 gear sets in his garage, all G2. I asked him if that's what he always uses and he said no. He went on to tell me the company that makes G2 makes a few others under different names that I can't recall but they're all the same. As far as tools are time goes he's the...
  7. Anyone Have Feedback on Kanati Trail Hog Tires?

    Yep. The 39s sellout super fast or you have to pay $400 per tire. I paid $270 for these and hopefully they wear and handle better than the Pats.
  8. Anyone Have Feedback on Kanati Trail Hog Tires?

    Finally got mine. These things are getting harder to find and like the Milestars the prices are jumping.
  9. DIY Gear installation attempt 02/27

    There's a guy named Robert in Anaheim Hills that does gears out of his house on weekends and I paid $900 parts and labor. His garage is full of gear sets and he told me he can do 2 jeep's per day. He's done 2 of mine.
  10. 35's with Dirty Life wheels no lift

    3.5" backspacing. Curious why are you going with the Mopar lift?
  11. New Hampshire >>BRAND NEW 38" Milestar Mud Terrain Tires for sale<<

    If you're still looking Walmart has them for $290.00 and free shipping.
  12. JLU Sport Build

    You knuckle head with that lift plus the flat fenders he's going to have a lot of space to fill and I definitely wouldn't run both with a 35. Then again what do I know.
  13. JLU Sport Build

    Thats going to be too much lift/fender clearance for the little 35s. If you're set on flat fenders you don't need a lift.
  14. 35's with Dirty Life wheels no lift

    Hopefully you can see them this time. I've posted 3 times and the photos never show up.
  15. My 392 Rubicon order is showing a price now ($77k) !!! sound like a 15 year old.
  16. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    You just got robbed. It's a total ripoff scam.
  17. Texas Like New Synergy Draglink & Tie Rod - Houston TX

    So you just wanted to tell the guy how much you hate the stuff he's selling, got it.
  18. 35's with Dirty Life wheels no lift

    I'll bet you never weighed either wheel before installing tire. Those are some heavy ass wheel's and not good for your Axel's when wheeling hard.