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  1. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Not in my experience, unmarrying Tazer didn’t effect my LED (added on) taillights. Just the front turn signals freak out with out the Tazer connected.
  2. I bought a new rear window (soft top)

    My 2018 JL came with a hard top, I purchased a complete soft top from the dealer. As many others with a 2018 have said the rear tabs on both corners would come out while driving highway speeds. I tried, unsuccessfully , to have my dealer replace it. $313 later I got the new one with longer green...
  3. Soft Top Rear Window (on 2018 JL 2-door Rubicon) - part number?

    Getting my rear window replaced because of the tabs on the 2018 come out while driving on the highway. Does anybody that had there’s replaced have a part #? Dealer said he is looking for a part number. Mine is a premium top with tinted windows. Thanks for any help. Mark
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Took it to the dealer and had them replace both batteries under warranty, which ends in 20 days. No problem, got an oil change while i was there.
  5. Very Happy Day!

    Congrats!! Only better feeling is when you pay off your house!
  6. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    I agree, but I was wondering if the interface is improved, or any other changes to the looks of it.
  7. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    Mine is a 2018, but yeah, I noticed the 2020 date also. Maybe that’s why its discounted?
  8. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    It’s not a download, they send you the box containing the update, I imagine a SD card or something.
  9. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    Just got a e-mail about purchasing a map update for $99. Has anybody done the update and if so what improvements besides the maps did you see? Thanks!
  10. Top Lift Pro/ with new electric power lift

    You can just use an outlet, just make sure you tape off the wires that would be for the battery.
  11. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    2018. Rubicon 2-door: I got the new steering box installed and i am very pleased, so far. Tracks straight, no play in the wheel, waited since December for the parts. I will say it drives very well and I didn’t realize how bad the other box was until i got the new one. In a word, WOW!
  12. Top Lift Pro/ with new electric power lift

    Not replacing anything, it adds a electric motor to lift the top off. a very nice addition.
  13. Uconnect Auto-Lock feature not working

    10-4 on that, it’s not designed to “auto lock” when you leave the vehicle.
  14. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    . I clicked on it but it doesn’t tell you anything..its like why have that there and not have anything to show about the update..geezzzz
  15. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    L, That is the normal placement of the mechanism you have circled, the 2 door on the outside .
  16. Top Lift Pro/ with new electric power lift

    Just a heads up, when you have the hard top on the lift and park it, its a good idea to engage the hand brake. I checked with Fred at Top Lift Pro and he agreed . Of course make sure you dis-engage when you are using it. Good luck with the install, not too bad, just check and double check the...
  17. Backup camera stopped working

    I tried the volume and tuner button reset for 30 seconds, didn’t work. Re-booted my Tazer and I am good too go!