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  1. $83K 392...JL, Front camera and rear washer not working???

    the rear washer and camera washer use the same motor so they both spray at the same time whether you engage the rear washer or the camera washer.
  2. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    It is! I’ve only been there twice and it’s so vast that I didn’t even know they had a 4x4 practice truck off Smokey Bear u til I saw it on the huge map they provide because I’d always enter through the main entrance up north by Gorman.
  3. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Played at Hungry Valley SVRA yesterday.
  4. Is my Tazer JL toast?

    I just had this happen to me as well. I removed the tazer to update it without first unmarrying. During the update it froze. Now ZPU will not even see the tazer at all and putting it back into my jeep doesn’t work either, I can’t open up the menu in the EVIC, it’s as if it’s not connected to the...
  5. Offroad modes

    Well said
  6. Passenger side panel missing?

    There is nothing missing nothing shows unless you view it from underneath like that
  7. Anyone install a plug and play remote start kit?

    For those of you who installed an aftermarket remote start system, did you hook up the optional wiring for the stock horn? I’m unable to find the wiring harness for the steering column so I can tap the horn ground wire so my horn will work with the aftermarket system.
  8. What are your other rides?

    That CJ is a sight for sore eyes. BEAUTIFUL!
  9. Winches and horsepower

    HP is more a function of torque and the revolutions per minute of the motor/engine, though in reality it’s more complicated than that. An easy way to see it is by this equation: HP = Torque x rpm/5252, where HP is horsepower, Torque is pound-feet, rpm is how fast the engine is spinning, and 5252...
  10. Winches and horsepower

    Not at all! Artec Industries Steel Bumper Winch Plate - JL5609 i purchased it from 4WheelParts for about $220 in February but after looking it up today i saw that the price seems to have skyrocketed fifty percent to $330
  11. Aftermarket Remote Start with App on a Jeep that has factory remote start?

    You are right I did some research and it comes with a wire that you’re supposed to cut if you have an automatic! So it does indeed work with manuals. that’s great news that they are at least willing to do that. God luck!
  12. Aftermarket Remote Start with App on a Jeep that has factory remote start?

    The manual doesn’t offer remote start at all. but you can easily add aremote starter by doing what I ended up doing I purchased the iDatalink CMCHXA0 module with no remotes for less than $70 on eBay. I then purchased the iDataStart ADS-THR-CH12 T-Harness for less than $50 on eBay, so I...
  13. "Escalate this?"

    Really the only thing that will help is patience.
  14. Would you order a new Jeep Now?

    My uncle just ordered the 392 a few weeks ago. He used to own a built up JK so he’s pretty excited to go off-roading together again. Though he’s not the impatient type. The long wait periods are definitely not for everyone.
  15. Jeep Started all by itself

    And it automatically turns off in about 10 seconds if jeep is low on fuel.
  16. Aftermarket Remote Start with App on a Jeep that has factory remote start?

    Yes it’s extremely slow to react to commands. I’m researching aftermarket options but it’s difficult since my jeep already has remote start. All these modules give remote start to a vehicle that did not have remote start from factory. I can’t find a module meant for devices that do have remote...
  17. Aftermarket Remote Start with App on a Jeep that has factory remote start?

    Hello everyone, I’m very interested in the aftermarket remote start device called Drone Mobile which uses an iPhone app to lock/unlock and remote start your vehicle. I have it on my Tacoma and it’s literally instant whereas the uConnect app takes upwards of over a minute to perform your...
  18. When shifting into drive from park

    Pull the emergency brake before you put the vehicle into park.