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  1. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    That’s not what my rattle sounds like. Mine is more like the metal rails slapping against the fiberglass shell. Similar to a plastic ruler tapping on a desk. It comes from the rail area and is independent from the top being closed or open, the sound is still from the front areas.
  2. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    Do you have a picture to Show exactly where it’s coming from? I haven’t been able to trouble shoot mine. It rattles at the passenger front with the top closed and open and only rattles on the driver’s front with the top open. Going on 1.5 yrs with it and they haven’t figured it out at the dealer.
  3. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    I didn’t stack any spacers, but used 3/4” teraflex spacer on all 4 corners in addition to the Rubicon takeoffs. Mine is level with those, but I don’t have a a steel bumper in front and do have the towing package and a light weight steel bumper in back.
  4. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    My Jeep is definitely level so a stock steel bumper might add a little rake. Have you thought about adding a larger spacer in front than the rear to account for the droop. I kind of wish that I added a little more lift with the spacer. I plan on putting 35s in a little bit.
  5. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    I went straight to the 1/2” impact gun and they came right off. The springs were found locally through Craigslist’s. The guy had them taken off the day he bought his Jeep.
  6. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Here’s my Rubi takeoff info (I also added a teraflex 0.5” spacer on all 4 corners). spring info: Orig. DF-58 PF-59 DR-87 PR-88 Rubi DF-61 PF-62 (+3) DR-91 PR-92 (+4) Measurements from ground to lower part of fender: Before After...
  7. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    How did you adjust the steering wheel? I just put on the 1/2” teraflex spacer and Rubi takeoffs and have my wheel slightly left of center while tracking straight. thanks!
  8. Recommendations to fix my dented corner!

    I’m taking th im taking the “opportunity” to put on a steel bumper and LED tail lights...
  9. Recommendations to fix my dented corner!

    I’m not looking for PDR, but am not sure if the shops will be able to repair it without cutting the quarter panel or corner out. 2 of the 3 shops say they can pull the crease out, flatten in and use limited filer for the finish.
  10. Recommendations to fix my dented corner!

    Spring weather in SC has been awesome so the doors and windows came off for a first mistake was not having mirrors! in a rush, I forgot about a light pole a few feet from the Jeep. Then the scratching and popping noises made me stop. Damage was done! The bumper, tail light and...
  11. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    I too had a rattle in the front passenger area. It bugged the crap outta me and they couldn’t replicate it as well. It turned out to be a trim piece on the roll bar. A screw pulled through the plastic and it was enough to cause the trim piece and the fastener to rattle at the bumps. I also...
  12. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    That makes sense...where’d you find the Teflon tape? I haven’t been back to my dealer yet since I’m out of town now, it want to have a solid plan for when I return to rid the Jeep from the one thing I strongly dislike about it!
  13. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    Well, the latch seems to be the issue. I have the Teflon tape, but I had my son in latch the window while the noise was going on. Immediately after he unlocked it, the noise stopped. It stayed away for a bit and then returned. I unlocked/locked it again and the noise stopped for a bit then...
  14. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    I am going to try that. My Jeep came with the Teflon tape on the latch mounts. I’m going to take the window out and see if the noise disappears. Thanks for the info, maybe it’s just the latch!
  15. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    MoJoJoJoJeep - did you have an idea about it? It looks like your reply didn’t go thru.
  16. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    I am stillworking with JEEP care and my dealership but we cannot determine the cause and fix for my rather annoying squeaking from the rear passenger door area of the top. The next step is to use a syringe and water to lubricate some areas of the top and if the squeaking goes away they’ll use...
  17. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    I already sent a private message a few days ago but will resend. Thanks!
  18. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    MoJoJoJoJeep and JeepCares - any luck with a fix? I’m on trip 4 or 5 now with two drive alongs with the service tech to find the noise. I had a trim piece that was loose, replaced now, and the noise comes back over the front passenger door with the top retracted. Additional noise is above the...
  19. Top 10 things Jeep should have done WITHOUT.

    Definitely need the rear glass removable on the one touch top!
  20. Sky one touch rattling..driving me nuts!

    Thanks! I’ll send that info to my dealer...2 hr drive today and no rattle with my washer modification!!