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  1. Illinois HVAC Control $160

  2. Massachusetts Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders (New in Box)

    I think you should specify if they are for the JL or the JLU. I installed them just last fall. Love them! GLWS
  3. Texas LED headlights (OEM)

    Ewwwww, Lexus! J/K. :) Interested, still available?
  4. Connecticut [WTB] Uconnect 8.4 + BEZEL + Unlock code (only Jeep branded please)

    Hey! Did you have a factory Sirius? Also, does it include the off road maps? Do you have any pics? And what are you looking to get for it? Where are you located? Let me know here or (better yet) in a private message.
  5. Connecticut Sold: [WTB] Uconnect 8.4 + BEZEL + Unlock code (only Jeep branded please)

    Hey Guys! My family CFO ( :) )allowed me to entertain an upgrade to our 3-inch screen system. Since funds are limited, but fair (I think), i would like to see what the community has to offer. I will only buy it from a reputable seller and someone who has been on the forum for a while. Let me...
  6. Alaska Gobi Stealth Rack for Jeep JLU

    It looked very well on your Rubi. GLWS.
  7. Connecticut WTB base Sport steel wheels

    I have them. :) Just replaced with a Sahara set. Taken off at 300 miles. Mint is an understatement. Right in the Hartford area. Pic per request only.
  8. Europe Specs Rubicon/Sahara LED tail lights on Sport JL

    Any progress? Success? Following
  9. Euro LED tail lights?

    And progress on this? I would need to have it done to my JLU, but before i commit to a $1000 purchase, I would need to know if it works. Please, anybody?
  10. Nevada 5 TPMS for Sale

    Interested, please post pictures (PM)!
  11. New Jersey Brand New 2020 JLU Sahara Wheels and Tires For Sale - $550

    Interested! Details: all 5? How would you like to get paid? I'm in CT.
  12. Massachusetts FS: 2019 Sahara wheels and tires - $750

    That's not far at all (Hartford area). Tempting!
  13. Tennessee Rubicon Gladiator w/ 33" Falken Wildpeak A/T <10 miles $1000

    These are gorgeous. GLWS. You are 14 hours away, too far to even consider them... :(
  14. North Carolina Mopar factory step bars $85 OBO

    GLWS, Too far for a weekend trip... but a steal indeed.
  15. Delaware JLU Sahara Side Steps

    Still available? Well worth of a weekend trip!