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  1. Colorado Fall Colors, What Trails?

    You need motivation to get out on CO trails? ¡no entiendo! I think the leaves are peaking right now. On the way to Mt. Elbert (S. trailhead) Near base of Mt. Elbert off of Colorado Trail Lost Canyon trail near Granite (yours truly) Apsen Ridge in Four Mile area (Buena Vista)
  2. 14er Fest

    Yes and no. I didn't sign up for an event in 2019 but went down Main street where it was pretty low key for a fest. I recall that it was cancelled in 2020.
  3. 14er Fest

    Beer garden and music for sure. I haven't decided which trails and which time(s). Or if it'll be 4x4, mt. biking, hiking, or a bit of each. Choices, choices. Dunno why 14'er Fest,, isn't well advertised.
  4. Miss for the Mountains

    A fourth option could be to remove your mods and go back to the OEM configuration, if feasible. I have the 2020 JLUR with 3.6L automatic, 35" tires, and a couple hundred lbs. of armor and wheel around Breckenridge and central CO with no loss of power. I topped Mosquito pass on Sunday at 13,100'...
  5. Colorado trip - trail conditions?

    Too much snow for those trails. I went wheeling around Chaffee county on Sunday (5/2) and the forest service gates are still closed, which are near the ~9,000 ft. elevation mark. Lot's of lower elevation trails are currently open in Four Mile (Buena Vista) and Bonanza (Salida) areas - good...
  6. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    If you go Rokblokz, consider paying the extra $10 for the XL size. I bought the standard size which fit the Rubicon 33" M/T OEM tires perfectly. After installing 35" tires last month, my rails, doors, and rear fender front-side are getting caked with mud again (I live on a dirt road, and it's...
  7. Planning Winter CO Trip, Need Advice

    If you're on the "extreme rock crawling side", then put Chinaman on your list - if you don't mind risking rock rash. It's outside of Buena Vista, generally open all year, and an hour drive south of Summit Country where several ski resorts are located. I wheeled around the Arkansas Valley in...
  8. Planning Winter CO Trip, Need Advice

    If we get normal snowfall, passes will be snow-packed and unpassable. Trail gates in BLM and national forests are usually closed and locked by November. They won't open until late April. There are open trails and places to snow-wheel at lower elevations, but the ones I know about aren't really...
  9. Planning a trip back from Arkansas to Socal at the end of the month. Passing through CO/UT - wheeling worth it this time of year?

    I live in central Colorado, and it's snow-packed from 8,000 ft. and above. You have the right rig, but you'll be limited. Trails across the Divide are closed, and the gates over many forest service roads won't open until April or later. Seek lower elevation say 6,000 feet and below maybe...
  10. Landed and looking to explore!

    Welcome to Colorado! Knock if you're ever in Chaffee county. High elevation passes are the bomb but these won't open until June - could be sooner given our crappy snowfall so far. It's snow wheeling on lower trails until then.
  11. Colorado Bound

    Welcome to Colorado in advance. A Rubi is an excellent choice. There's the Mile-Hi Jeep Club:
  12. CO Early Fall Camping

    If you're on Trailsoffroad, I assume you're looking to wheel some 4x4 trails, too? I live in Buena Vista and recommend Chaffee or Lake county over Summit county when it comes to adventuring. It's in the 2-hour range from Denver. There's nothing wrong with the Breck area; I've spent a lot of time...
  13. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I couldn’t stay away from Broncos Nation (west) today, held in my town, Buena Vista, CO, especially after I heard the 2021 Badlands Bronco would be there. I was bummed that the Sasquatch was a no-show. Now, I understand the hype. The Badlands looked sweet – it’s bad. And it’s a lot beefier than...
  14. Bestop Rebate FAIL!

    I received it a week ago as a $100 prepaid Mastercard. Queued for printing means another 2 - 3 weeks to go - it was for mine, anyway. I called the rebate center three times to get status because their website isn't accurate.
  15. Bestop Rebate FAIL!

    I received this same letter and almost came unglued. Called the number and the customer service rep said these were mailed by mistake. My approval was confirmed over the phone. Fingers crossed your rebate is on its way.
  16. Colorado 4x4 Trails to Fishing Locations

    Speaking of the Collegiate Peaks, Lake Ann and Cholhesy Lake require a 4x4 to get to them. These are west of Clear Creek Reservoir. I fished Clear Creek just before it flows into the reservoir the Friday before Memorial Day - nobody else around but me and a buddy. I haven't seen crowds on this...
  17. Open Colorado Campsites?

    Not only terrible but likely for Forest Service / private campsites in popular areas. These require reservations and will be full all or most of the time (1 year out just like you mentioned). The majority of BLM and Forest Service roads may be driven on a stock vehicle. Very few actually...
  18. Open Colorado Campsites?

    I live in Chaffee County (SE of your intended route), and it's more certainly more crowded on weekends. If you're willing to wheel out to remote BLM or national forest areas, there are plenty of unoccupied dispersed campsites without crowds or anybody for that matter (even on weekends). I'm...