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  1. Which Mopar 2" lift kit part #?

    @aldo98229 - Going to the dealer is not a good way to guarantee you got the right part. It's better to know before hand and then confirm that what they are ordering is what you know the latest and best part number is. I've seen too many reports of TBS for steering box installed with the wrong...
  2. Mopar 2 inch lift Reviews

    So I realize those come from a different link than i have. I'd appreciate a link since I can't easily read those part numbers on my 13" screen. My fault, I know... indulge me. :LOL:
  3. Mopar 2 inch lift Reviews

    Also, just curious, how many of you got to keep the cool box? :LOL:
  4. Mopar 2 inch lift Reviews

    Okay, so thinking about this lift, but Mopar does not make it easy to know what to order (and I don't want to just "trust" the dealer). There are 7 different kits here with different part numbers. Most say for 4dr and i have a two door. Which one is the correct one? This one looks the most...
  5. Considering buying my 16 year old a brand new Wrangler High Altitude

    Are you freaking insane?!?! :facepalm: No way I'd buy a 16 yo a brand new car of any type. Just not a wise investment period.
  6. Yamaha TW200

    I'd love to own one of those or a Suzuki VanVan. I've been riding motorcycles my whole life but since I've been an official "grown up" it's been 650s-liter bikes. I currently own two Suzuki's a 2016 GSX-S1000F and 2013 VStrom DL650. Both fantastic bike in there own way (the 1000 is just a...
  7. Can I power a 200W sub from the rear accessory outlet?

    I guess I'll go with the NVX kit I have. It's 4 gauge, so plenty of safety margin there. It's just a bigger project now then using the accessory socket. I'll have to wait til the weather warms up. ;)
  8. Can I power a 200W sub from the rear accessory outlet?

    Thanks again for the links. Maybe I should do the trailer harness solution, because I have a hitch that I put on for a bike rack, but didn't wire it, because i really haven't needed to trailer anything yet.. I also already have an NVX amp wiring kit that I could use, so that solution would be...
  9. Can I power a 200W sub from the rear accessory outlet?

    Thanks, @Tommywear , Seems like it might be on the edge, depending on what the true current draw of the amp is. Maybe not worth a try though. Any other places to grab power in a 2 door that are more convenient than coming off the battery? ... And preferably switched?
  10. Can I power a 200W sub from the rear accessory outlet?

    The cigarette style outlet in the rear left side of my Sport? I have a Cerwin Vega VPAS10 I'd like to install in the cubby under the rear floor. Seems like the easiest route would be use the accessory outlet for power and tap into the roll bar speakers as high level inputs.
  11. 295/70R18 vs 285/75R18?

    Handy bookmark. ;)
  12. Is this considered child abuse?

    I wish I had been abused like that when I was a kid. :giggle:
  13. New Wheel Option on Jeep Wrangler Sport S — 17″ x 7.5″ Machined / Painted Black Wheels

    I like those wheels, I can not lie. They look way better than the silver ones on my 2020 Sport S. But, If I'm gonna change, I'm gonna go with something wider, and probably either the a Method Titanium finish or these Mopar ones, which I still can't let go of in my head. :facepalm:
  14. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Just saw that Method came out with the 705s and available in Titanium. Also @ 26.9 lbs, lighter than the the 703s or 704s. Hmmm. I'm interested.
  15. Plug and Play amp upgrade to basic system

    So the new bass blockers fixed the problem with the 77Kick25ABs? I hope so. I really still like mine. I've got a sub to add but haven't gotten there yet. ;)
  16. 4.0 2004 compared to 3.6 2022

    I traded a Ford Fusion Sport 2.7L Turbo V6 in for my Jeep Wrangler Sport S 2D 3.6L NA. I expected to see a huge lose in acceleration and pedal response, but I'm really just super impressed by the performance of the 3.6 with the 8sp auto. I also swapped the exhaust for a Borla S-Type. I don't...
  17. Borla Climber Touring notes

    Seems ridiculous that you pay for premium exhaust (brand named Borla), and really? You have to modify it for it to work properly? I have a Borla S-Type exhaust (non-climber, and stainless finish) and it fits fine and sounds great. Unfortunately.. the reports of the black finish flaking and...

    LasFit worked great for me too. No load resistors, very bright. You can get them directly from their website too. They usually have discounts and special offers. 👍
  19. What are your other rides?

    @ketjupiter So, what do you drive when, and why? Just curious?