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  1. 4xe heated steering wheel

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the 4xe. In my experience, there’s a wide variation in the steering wheel temps. My 2018 got hot as hell. My 2021 (3.6 eTorque) barely gets warm.
  2. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    I agree. Errands, commutes,’s all much better topless and/or doorless. If it’s nice out and I’m not in a hurry, I’ll usually take the longer way just because I like driving the jeep that much.
  3. Dealer cuts inner fender to replace battery - vent

    this exact thing happened to me. They had to repaint my fender, and only did an ok job at it. Luckily I traded that jeep in last year.
  4. What do you store in your JL rear under floor cargo bin?

    Mostly the same as everyone else here, but here’s my list. It’s a tight fit, but the lid usually closes. I also use the leftover space in the cavity where the Jack is. assortment of metric wrenches Assortment of torx sockets Assortment of metric sockets 1/4” and 3/8” drive ratchets Various...
  5. Diode Dynamics Website Hacked - credit cards stolen

    At this point I just assume my info is out there for whoever tries hard enough to get it. The best thing you can do these days is use unique, strong passwords for all of your sensitive accounts, including email. If people gain access to your email they can reset passwords and lock you out of...
  6. Half Door Recommendations?

    If you want a good weathertight seal and also want uppers, there really isn’t much of an option beyond the factory doors. Bestop doesn’t have plans to make the Core doors for the JL any time soon, and the Element doors with enclosures are just meh in my opinion and not worth the money. I would...
  7. JEEP WAVE PREMIUM OWNER LOYALTY PROGRAM : Your first three oil changes and tire rotations are covered

    I’ve still got all 3 of my free oil changes a year after purchase, and I likely won’t ever cash them in. I’m sure the techs have figured out by now the JL 3.6 only takes 5qts as opposed to the 6qts in the JK, but the fact that at one point many were screwing that up is enough for me to keep...
  8. Rust proof, diy?

    A lot of people on here like Fluid Film. You can spray pretty much everything under there, just avoid the brake rotors and exhaust. If you do hit the exhaust, it’ll be fine but will smell pretty bad until it burns off. Make sure you use the holes in the frame to get inside the frame tubing as...
  9. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Thread

    Been waiting for an excuse to get these. Looks like I finally have one at midnight tonight.
  10. Threedom S+ key fob

    No real feedback other than it’s been great! Much better than being jabbed in the leg with the key.
  11. One thing I don't like about my Wrangler

    I honestly didn’t mind how big the fob is, just that the key always flips out in my pocket.
  12. One thing I don't like about my Wrangler

    Another vote for Threedom. I have the S+ and really like it.
  13. Linex undercoating / rust proofing

    What four low said. Generally, anything that is not permeable will just trap water and promote rust and rot. All it takes is one chip to allow water in and then it’s trapped. You likely won’t even notice until it’s too late. Obviously it won’t help insulate or act as a sound dampener, but...
  14. Mirrors - Doors Off in Florida

    I’ll add another vote for CMM. They’re expensive but worth it IMO. The only thing I’ll say about them is instead of mounting them on the top of the a pillar grab handles like the instructions say, mount the driver’s side mount on the bottom of the passenger side grab handle and vice versa. It’ll...
  15. Ordered a 22 , having a hard time trading in 04

    Sorry, I can’t be bothered to read the full 6 pages of this thread, but if every single post isn’t “keep that LJ”, they should be. Is it a manual or automatic? Either way, I’ve seen super clean LJs listed for $20k. No idea if they actually fetch that, but I can’t imagine 10k would be hard at...
  16. Custom key lock caps

    @Threedom any chance you can do college logos on the key lock caps? I’m assuming no, but I won’t tell if you don’t...
  17. Talk to me about 2-door JL Rubicons - QoL benefits from TJs

    I never had a TJ, but I did have 2 YJs and still miss them. I’ve had 2 and 4 door JKs and JLs and agree that if it’s your daily, any JL will be much better for those long trips and QoL. But, as the other commenter mentioned, there’s something non-tangible lost with the JLs, even compared to...
  18. First dealer visit. What is a PCM update?

    PCM is a powertrain control module. It’s the computer for your engine and transmission, among other things. There was probably a software update available for it.
  19. Morimoto GEN2 XB LED Turn Signals?

    Yep. Those have been great too.
  20. Morimoto GEN2 XB LED Turn Signals?

    I’ve been pretty happy with my Quake lights. Not sure if you’ve considered those or not.