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  1. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    I pour mine through a screen to filter it and pour it back in! I've started using old sweat socks inside of my oil filter housing.
  2. Rich Jeepers

    I became wealthy repairing Jeeps
  3. Quickest and safest way to go from 87 Octane to 91 Octane

    What is the current wind direction?
  4. Anyone know what these are on the windshield?

    Sensors that check your vaccination status.
  5. anyone makes a lower temp thermostat ?

    Just posted the section from ShopKey regarding the Jeep JL.
  6. anyone makes a lower temp thermostat ?

    A diaphragm-type thermostat controls the operating temperature of the engine by controlling the amount of coolant flow to the radiator. The thermostat is located inside of the thermostat housing and is serviced with the housing as one unit. On all engines the thermostat begins to open at 88°C...
  7. Jeeps and water don't always mix

    Not if you have the Mopar Snorkel Part #867-5309
  8. Help Identify this Part!!! (please)

    It prevents your fuel tank from exploding.
  9. Any gas cards worth getting?

    I am also a T-Mobil customer and get an additional 10 cents a gallon every Tuesday. So, if I use by Friday every week I get 15 cents a gallon when I fill up.
  10. Driving Thru NYC with MT advice

    The Bronx is beautiful this time of year.
  11. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    ALL of the fuel is bad for the 3.6 Pentastar....regular...midgrade...and premium. I ONLY use jet fuel in my 2019 Sahara and it will knock your ass into the backseat when the afterburner lights!! IMPORTANT: ORDER THE HEAT PROOF SPARE FROM MOPAR PART #867-5309
  12. Best Plastic Conditioner?
  13. Factory Ordering a Sport S, What Should I Cut?

    I cut the safety group and it was the smartest decision I ever made.
  14. What to do after Wrangler rollover?

    If you were lucky enough to land on your roof it would have been a breeze to rotate your tires.
  15. Coolant Cap?

    Thanks for your always great info! Also, got a cabin filter from ebay like you suggested.