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  1. GMRS antenna mounting

    I emailed the Midland engineers for their mounting recommendations for their MXTA 25 ghost antenna. This was their response: Compromises are the norm when choosing and mounting an antenna, but I'll just list some general points that improve performance. I doubt that mirror mounting location...
  2. TeraFlex Alpine RT3 Long Arm install

    The lines are all running as they should after the install. No bending or shenanigans. During removal of the factory brackets care was needed to move them out of the way without being hamfisted...
  3. TeraFlex Alpine RT3 Long Arm install

    Here we are at the 10th update on my 2 door JLR build. The Jeep has had quite an evolution over the past few years. This update is an installation of a TeraFlex Alpine RT3 Long Arm lift (part number 1533100). There is significant cutting and grinding to remove most of the factory mounting...
  4. Cruise control cannot maintain consistent speed; frequent gear shifts leading to overheating

    I have this issue crossing the passes from SLC to Moab and Hurricane. The engine is under boost longer during these climbs. The air temps begin to spike and the waste gate opens to drop boost and not hurt the motor. You can hear the the difference when the waste gate is closed and open... I...

    this is VERY interesting to me...the use of an IMU is very impressive. There is an end stop control in the rebound stroke too...
  6. Apex Performance Power Steering Cooler install

    I feel like the Pentosin fluid is superior to most any fluid. That is based only on my eurocarsnob background. It is a premium fluid and meets or exceeds the standard. Hard to believe there are fluids that cost more than the Pentosin. I chose it because I am familiar with the brand and was...
  7. Apex Performance Power Steering Cooler install

    Jeff - I do not have any before or after data for heat. I can only report that the system has only shut down once since I installed it. It was apporx 100 out and we were working to get over a challenging obstacle that required quite a bit of steering and took about 20mins. The shut down was very...
  8. Hauk Off-Road ... Thoughts?

    I bought skids and front/rear bumpers for a build I did for my previous employer. I'll skip the bitching about the lead time because they did get shut down due to COVID...nothing they can do about that. The parts themselves were garbage. The front bumper already had surface rust when I pulled...
  9. Bike racks recommendations?

    Another Vote for the 1up racks. I've have mine for 7ish years. Excellent rack....they are expensive but their cost is still a small fraction of the cost of a good bike.

    I am running the power up kit and cooler. I set my pressure to 1900psi. Stock was around 750. I have no issues steering while the jeep is either up on a wall or when one side is pinned. I do want to port my box and run a ram while still using the Apex powered up pump...I think will be the hot...
  11. KC HiLites Flex Era 4 install

    Adding a pic with the amber guards on...I dig it.
  12. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Thank you!
  13. KC HiLites Flex Era 4 install

    I got my Flex Era 4's installed this week. I was going to use a Switch-Pros PDM for power supply and switching but I won't have it in time for EJS. So...I did a standard install using the included switch and wire harness. I went with a cowl location for my install and used the mount from Rock...
  14. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    that was my plan too...good insurance!
  15. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    I just drove my 1 pc RCV equipped JL round trip from Cincy to Trail Hero. No vibrations to complain about.
  16. Ohio Sold: Cincinnati - For Sale 5 used Patagonia MT BLACK LABEL 37 12.50 17 - $650

    I moved up to 38's so I have 5 Patagonia 37 12.50 17 MT BLACK LABELs for sale. Tires were on the truck for 7-8 months and rotated every 2-3,000 miles. Tread depth is 11/32. New is 19/32. No patches or plugs. No missing lugs. One tire has a couple chunks out of the meaty part of the...
  17. Midland MXT275 install

    Thank you. That is pretty cool...never had that happen before.
  18. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    put your vehicle specs in here...JL glass is pretty new...
  19. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    follow this link...the part number depends on the car features.