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  1. DIY Headliner and DIY Sound Murderers - Under $100

    Just Installed the HotHeads headliner. I had a ton on noico mat lying around my garage, so I made my own "sound assassin" strips. Aside from cutting the strips the entire install was less than three hours. Easy peasy. Follow Mark's video. Wipe down with acetone. LIGHTLY sand / scuff, blow...
  2. Nav on 7 inch screen?

    Our 2017 JGC has the 8.4 with nav (no carplay / AA). The nav isn't bad, it was a dealer throw in. The wrangler has the 7.0 with carplay and AA. So far I've found AA to be better then the Kenwood that was in my 4Runner. That said, when I was on vacation (last year with the 4Runner), I found...
  3. Engine light after changing tyres

    Same.... I went from LT255/75R17 Destination M/T’s to LT285/75 R17 Toyo A/T - no issues.
  4. Rubicon or willys ????

    I just bought a 2020 Willy's. Been modding since I got it home. IMHO, the ABSOLUTE best mod was to get rid of the Firestone M/Ts. They were replaced with Toyo Open Country A/T (285/75 17 - essentially 34s). The Jeep rides better, handles, better and is MUCH quieter. Also, the headliner (...
  5. Hard top detailing

    Well, this seems obvious but, what is everyone doing to protect the hard top. I'm using 303 aerospace on the black plastic fenders (tires, mirrors, etc) but haven't done the hard top yet. I'm thinking the 303 or mothers (back to black), and open to any suggestions. thanks.
  6. 2nd USB in center console

    240 gig ssd in the console USB port, 9000 plus songs - no problems whatsoever.
  7. Sun Visor Broken

    That plastic nut is all but useless. The fix will last. Easy with a Dremel and a multi tool.
  8. Need some speaker help

    Thanks, still sitting on the fence about the cutting, good to know it's not that difficult.
  9. Need some speaker help

    I am leaning towards 6.5 components for the front (6.5 woofer in the knee pad, tweeter in the dash). Because I did not have new speaker wire run, I cannot separate the dash and knee speakers. I am amazed how good this sounds by just adding the amp / dsp. though it will be better when I change...
  10. Need some speaker help

    My Jeep is a 2020 jlu willy's 7inch radio no alpine. I'm currently in the process of having a 6 channel amp installed. FL / FR / RL / RR and channels 5 & 6 bridged to a sub. As I look into upgrading the soundbar I'm torn between 6.5 inch ssv, or replacing the 4inch with kicker 47ksc404 and...
  11. TFL compares the 4Runner to JL Willys Sport.

    This comparison is between a TRD Off-Road PRO and a base Wrangler. Might as well compare a Cessna to a Boing 747. The reviewer would have been better served comparing a Rubicon or Sahara to the TRD Pro. Having traded my 4Runner in on my 2020 Willy's, I'll weigh in on this. My 2018 4Runner...
  12. Audio upgrade - Need some input

    In the past whenever i did an audio upgrade i usually started with the speakers and the added an amp. However is saw this and it was too good of a deal to pass up. the specs to the AMP are below, and it is being installed next Monday. The shop installing this has done this in several Jeeps...
  13. Black Friday Deals

    Got my order in this morning.... :)
  14. 2020 Jl wrangler HELP!!!! Amplifier for speakers

    This I was leaning towards the PAC solution myself. The PAC unit retails for 279$ and a semi decent 5 channel amp is going to run at least 350.. An audio guy suggested I look at the Maestro solution. This popped up with a price of 299$ + shipping (amp & maestro interface). Having...
  15. Can I Upgrade Basic Head Unit with a Plug N Play?

    This is a great question for the guys at There's a video (somewhere) of them upgrading a 5 inch to an 8.4 inch. It worked BUT since the 5 inch radio did NOT have the radio controls / HVAC combo panel, you had to control the radio with the touch screen or the buttons on the...
  16. Extra Rubicon Parts

    ahh.. makes sense. I was trying to say the same thing. Will be purchasing the longer LCAs from the Mopar lift, when it's time to change the springs. thanks
  17. Extra Rubicon Parts

    I think you meant Everything on a Willy's is the same as a sport except the shocks (which are rubi shocks).
  18. Extra Rubicon Parts

    Thanks, It's not a money issue (the gout i got it from only wanted 25.00$ for the shock, springs and the rest of the stuff). The factory LCAs, tie rod ends, bumpstops etc will be pitched as I don't want to turn the garage in to a used parts warehouse.
  19. Extra Rubicon Parts

    Suspension question: The Rubicon suspension I got came with Shocks (already had - these are extras), Springs and the following stuff. If I'm correct all this stuff is the same as on the sport / willy's and therefore not needed (or trash). Shocks (always good to have extras), springs needed...
  20. Spring Question

    My willy's springs 68253658AD Drivers Front 68253659AD Passengers Front 68253587AA Drivers. Rear 68253588AA Passengers Rear The rubi springs i picked up: XXXX LF (tag missing) 3662 RF 3592 RR 3597 LR Best guess is the untagged spring is a 3661AA...