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  1. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    Thanks Steph, will check it out.
  2. AC Inverter not working

    Yes, both 2 and 3 pin cords worked, so the earth pin is not the switch. Did you look for a fuse? F110, 30 Amp Pink Cartridge fuse is reportedly for the Power Inverter. I have heard of seating issues where fuses are not pushed in correctly from factory.
  3. Reversing lines not showing

    Mine is a 2019 model. Never any problem with the reversing lines. I do recall reading about the issue, but I think in later models and yes, fixed with a firmware update. Probably need to consult your service dealer to have the update done.
  4. AC Inverter not working

    Just tested mine with a multimeter (Plugging in power cord to the inverter outlet. Tried both 3 pin and 2 pin cords. Apparently there is a safety switch in the connector which needs a power cord inserted). Output of 233VAC at either Accessories or Run. Haven't had to do anything to it, although...
  5. Right Hand Drive ARB Twin Compressor Engine Bay Mounting Bracket

    Check out;, Sorry, missed the LHD/RHD piece. I just completed the ARB dual compressor and AUX battery fitment using the American Adventure Labs brackets. Really happy with the result, but freight at the...
  6. JScan and the 2.2

    Sorry can't help. Have briefly researched and not done anything about it yet. Just another to do on a long list.
  7. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    Looks like there is another Snorkel option for the JL. This Snorkel from Bravo is not unlike the Rugged Ridge unit, meaning no holes in the bonnet, but appears to address the issue with non-round clamping points. Available for RHD to suit 3.6 petrol and 2.2 diesel. A Donaldson Cyclone filter can...
  8. My new Rubicon 2.2 Diesel MPG L/100

    With regard to Ad Blue, I find that the tank holds much more than the 100% on the gauge indicates. This means it sits on 100% for a long while before it starts to decline. Perhaps the gauge is only monitoring the bottom half of the tank. Tank capacity is meant to be a little over 19 litres, so...
  9. Fire wall entry for power and HD antenna wire

    I removed the passenger side fender for easy access. There is an existing grommet with an additional nipple that is not used. I cut the first few mm of the end of the nipple to open up the hole. It is the perfect size for the aerial cable. I added a little silicon grease to enable the small...
  10. 2.2L no longer available

    Yep, a sad move on Jeeps part. They really need a suitable diesel, otherwise they have lost my future business (unless they want to introduce the V8 to Australia ;)). The 2.2 is a little ripper. Drove both the petrol and diesel. Chose the diesel and happy with my choice. Great fuel economy and...
  11. Trailer Brake Controller installation

    March 2019. Haven't heard if there was a fix later.
  12. Trailer Brake Controller installation

    Doh, scratch that idea. This connection point doesn't stop the manual brake override function of the controller turning your dash into a Christmas tree. For the brake signal connection, I ran a second wire through to the rear and connected into the red wire (stop light) on the trailer harness...
  13. Trailer Brake Controller installation

    Looking at fitting a Redarc Tow Pro Elite V3 for the purposes of towing a camper trailer. I view with interest how easy it is for those in the US with the tow pack to simply locate the factory plug under the dash on the drivers side and plug the controller in. Unfortunately no such luck on the...
  14. Antenna size and mounts

    I used rivets, with a thin metal plate as a backing to stop them pulling through the plastic.
  15. Sport and Overland. Are the tow hooks rated for recovery?

    My manual only goes up to page 395, so they are obviously different. Back cover has manual reference 19JL-126-AUS-AA
  16. Sport and Overland. Are the tow hooks rated for recovery?

    The manual states "the tow eyes are for road-side emergencies". "Do not use the tow eye to free a stuck vehicle". I take it that means not rated for off road recovery. Page 266 in my manual. One of the reasons I changed out the rear bumper for one with proper recovery points. Thankfully haven't...
  17. rear window switches not illuminated

    Yes, the bars on the switches illuminate, but not the door icon. You need to make sure the rear window lock is not on. If the rear window lock is on, the switches wont illuminate.
  18. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    I have made a number of enquiries with different companies. At this point in time, no one does a kit for the JL 2.2 diesel. They all recommend a universal kit, but that leaves me trying to find somewhere to mount the can. Then I came across an article that says catch cans are only beneficial for...
  19. "Service 4WD" light come on in 4HI Auto!

    Had that issue only once. I turned off the ignition before sway bar disconnect had fully reconnected. When I restarted, it came up with the error. The error stayed on all the way home in 2WD. Operationally everything seemed OK. I tried turning the ignition off and restarting, but the error...
  20. Antenna size and mounts

    The earthing point is just as important as the 12V source. It is very possible this was the cause of your problem. Be careful of using any random bolt. If they have paint underneath, they wont give you a reliable earth.