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  1. Rubicon Fender Disassembly For Paint

    The body shop I took my fenders opted to keep them together. There was a little overspray on the black plastic but it easily flaked off. Mine turned out great.
  2. New York Scammers

    Unfortunately they are. Thankfully I haven’t been scammed yet.
  3. Death Wobble 2020 JL Sahara - Gonna be a gong show I can tell...

    Have you upgraded the front track bar? With a 3.5” lift you definitely need an adjustable front track bar. I read that you have aftermarket front lower control arms. Do you have a printout of your alignment that you can post or tell us what your caster is? All of the upper and lower ball joints...
  4. New York Scammers

    I had a scamming attempt after posting in the WTB section. He/she sent a private message wanting me to contact a 3rd party. He/she had only been a member for 1 day. Post count or length of time as a member would be good.
  5. Hellwig 7775 Rear Sway Bar for Jeep JL worth it?

    Add me to the list of those who’ve installed the Hellwig rear sway bar and absolutely love it. I have a JLU lifted with an AEV Dualsport 2.5 lift along with Clayton lower control arms, front track bar, steer smarts drag link along with 35x12.5 tires. My Jeep is light so I got about 3.5 inches +...
  6. Ohio WTB: Adjustable rear control arms

    I'm looking for a set of upper and lower adjustable rear control arms for my 2018 Jeep JLU. Depending on the brand/condition/price, I will pay for shipping. Let me know what you have.
  7. Am I measuring caster wrong?

    Here is a thread I used to answer all of my questions about caster.
  8. Will adjustable rear LCAs and trackbar make that much difference?

    @kapk22 Did the ride change after adding the rear upper and lower control arms? I am running an AEV 2.5 Dualsport lift with Clayton front control arms and track bar. Debating on getting the rear control arms considering I got 3-3.5” lift from the AEV lift. After reading this AEV article, the...
  9. HELP LED install

    Try disconnecting the wire that connects the halo to the fender turn signal and see if that fixes the signal out issue. You may need some sort of resister between the oem turn signal and halo. here is a thread I found...
  10. HELP LED install

    What headlights and turn signals did you install? Specific links? This can help us determine the fix
  11. AEV 2.5"

    I would think that the Rock Crawler lift would be a better option for dunes. Check out post #10 of this thread reach out to @Tech Tim
  12. How to make the ride more comfortable

    Then I’d think there is a good chance the rim is not centered on the hub. My understanding is that to center them without a ring he’ll need to torque the lug nuts in 20lb increments starting at 20lbs and work his way to 130lbs.
  13. Headlight Upgrade

    I am currently running factory halogen headlights and LED fog lights while I shop for aftermarket led headlights. It actually lights up the roadway really well and I would keep this setup if the factory halogens weren’t so yellow.
  14. Body "Wiggle" After MC Lift Kit

    I had the same wiggle with my JLU (soft top and plastic bumpers) with AEV Dualsport lift. The lift is meant for a heavy rig and since I’m considered light I got the wiggle that is described. I finally realized I needed more weight while in a weekend trip with the family loaded up with luggage...
  15. How to make the ride more comfortable

    When you go to the shop on Friday, have them verify that the wheels are hub centric. If they are not you’ll need a set of hub centric rings to properly center the wheel on the hub. Regardless of what they find, keep us updated. Good luck.
  16. Texas Jeep Sale!!!! Headlights, Bumpers, wheels, KC Hilites, Diode Dynamic,

    Will you separate the headlights from the tail lights? Harness included? Is so I’d be interested in the headlights. Please send me a pm of price.
  17. Wheel offsets driving me nuts. I need some expert advise.

    Unfortunately this is the best I can do for now. They are stock wheels 17x7.5 +44 with 285/70/17 tires. A 17x8+30 will stick out an extra 3/4 of an inch further than those posted in the thread.
  18. Wheel offsets driving me nuts. I need some expert advise.

    The first setup (17x8 + 30 and 285/70/17) will be inset approximately .5” from the edge of the fender. The second setup 17x9 + 20 and 285/70/17) will extend approximately .5” past the fender. I used your provided wheel and tire sizes and compared them to mine for the approximate measurements...
  19. Caster Specification for the JL

    You’ll definitely benefit from a set of lower control arms. I’d also get a front adjustable track bar to center the front axle left to right.