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  1. Power steering not keeping up?

    To add a little flavor. I was heading up the Transfer Trail in Glenwood Springs, CO a couple weeks ago and got a warning flash in the display. Something about Power steering temps maybe? I don't remember exactly what it said but ended up stopping for a buddy whos Trans Temp was way too high on...
  2. Brake torque launch

    Yes. It’s a blast.
  3. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    I’m not planning to regear for my 35s. It still has amazing power, so I don’t feel the need to do it. Curious about those with 37s though... I’m on Nitto Trail Grapplers 35x11.50. No spacers, no lift.
  4. 392 Towing?

    I’m not pulling a heavy trailer, but it’s effortless as you would expect.
  5. First oil change on the 392... Information regarding Mopar's alternate oil filter for the 6.4

    Just got the first oil change done. Is it possible to not get oil everywhere when taking the oil filter off? I had rubber gloves on and the pan positioned perfectly. But nope, oil shot everywhere, filter slipped out of my hands when it came off the threads. Why did Jeep decide to put all the...

    I don’t regret it at all. I’m a fan of dark silver vehicles though. I will say the Black and White 392s look pretty good too. Those would be my second and third choice if I were to do it again. I think the neutral colors go best with the bronze/gold accents.
  7. 35 inch tires going on, wheel question

    My tire shop didn't remove the beauty ring. I had Nitto Trail Grapplers in 35x11.5 put on though. Maybe 12.5 wide requires the ring to be removed? Also, I aired the spare down to 20 psi and it just barely rubs on the plastic insert on the steel bumper, all stock parts. A perfect fit IMO.
  8. Question about the 392's full time 4x4

    I've not seen anything in writing. You can find this on page 14 of the 392 Owners manual supplement: "4WD High AUTO Four-Wheel Drive Auto High Range — This range is for normal street and highway...
  9. RUBICON 392 Edition JL Club Thread

    Those are the DV8 hinge mounted steps.
  10. Turning off 4cyl mode on the 392?

    When I switch to Manual mode, I'm only able to shift up to 2nd gear while at a stop. Otherwise I get "Shifting Not Allowed" displayed in the dash when trying to shift to up past that. Once I start driving, I'm only able to shift up a gear or 2 above where it thinks I should be. If I'm at speed...
  11. 392 real world MPG

    An update for the group. I spent the day on fire roads and double track. According to the onboard fuel economy, I’m got 8.1 MPG. None of it was serious rock crawling, just mild Ozark hills. Only went into 4LO in one spot. This is on 35s. I’m really not liking the 4CYL mode. There’s no way it’s...
  12. Turning off 4cyl mode on the 392?

    Does anyone know a way to prevent cylinder deactivation? The exhaust sounds odd and I think there’s lifter issues where oil isn’t being supplied to the deactivated lifters, but they are still moving (not sure on that last part). Anyway, can this mode be disabled? I know if you kick it into...
  13. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    Have you flexed the suspension yet? When I did with my 35s, I barely had clearance in the rear. I couldn't imagine true 37s fitting in there without rubbing while being stuffed up in the wheel well. But maybe spacers make more of a difference in the rear than I realize.
  14. 392 real world MPG

    I’m at 13.1 MPG at 950 miles in. That’s about 15% Highway, 84% city, and 1% off-road. 35” Nittos, calibrated with tazer to 35”. I’m heading out to some forest service roads and a few trails tomorrow. I’ll reset the average and let you know how it does for the day.
  15. 392 - problem

    Did you try seating all of your fuses? It's been talked about a lot on these forums, and it's one of the first things I did when I got mine home. I heard several fuses click into place when applying pressure. Electrical gremlins can manifest in a bunch of weird ways. I met up with a buddy a...
  16. Got 392 Wheel Questions?

    @graytrucks 35x11.5s on the stock wheels (at least for now) is a great option IMO. The fit is perfect and I think it looks really good. I plan to offroad it, so I'll be going to 37s once there's a lift for it. But I'm really happy with 35s for now. @392Newbie I have the Nitto Trail Grapplers...
  17. 392 Mopar lift “unique suspension geometry”

    I'm right at 35.25" on the Nitto Trail Grapplers in 35x11.50R17. That's what I measured on the spare (not supporting weight), and also 35.25" on the rear-passenger tire when measuring front-to-rear. I'm currently running at 35 PSI and the top-to-bottom measurement is 34 3/8" on a tire supporting...

    I looked at a ton of pictures in this thread when I was deciding on color. Glad I chose granite crystal metallic, and now it’s finally here. -All stock, except tires. Added Nitto Trail Grapplers in 35x11.50R17
  19. 392 Mopar lift “unique suspension geometry”

    I finally got out to flex the Jeep with the Nitto 35s. I have about 1/2” clearance. This is with no body or wheel spacers. All stock. I would definitely need to adjust something for Nitto 37s to avoid rubbing when stuffed. Maybe the KO2s in 37” would be ok?