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  1. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    I don't want to derail the thread any more than I have. :) The Mopar LCAs for the lift kit are 24 1/4", FYI.
  2. Rubicon or willys ????

    I came from a 2014 JK Willys, then to a 2018 JKU Willys, and now to my current 2021 JLUR four door, all with the manual transmission. I say go with the Willys. If necessay, find a set of takeoff ATs or buy a set after the fact. You'll still be under the price of the the Rubi and love what you have.
  3. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    Yes, I did. And, no, it didn't address the wandering over 45mph. Small improvement, yes, and this was after taking it in for the newest version of the steering box. Took it in again and was told it was normal--the service manager even told me they never should have done the first warranty...
  4. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    I don't yet enjoy driving my JL nearly as much as I enjoyed my previous two JKs. The ride is great, nice and smooth, but the squirrelly, 'vehicle performs as designed' steering guts my sense of enjoyment. I drove each of the previous JKs halfway across the country, and I've actively avoided...
  5. Reputable Jeep Shops in the Charlottesville, VA Area?

    Big Snatch here in Fredericksburg gets great reviews. I haven't used them myself, but I've heard good things. There's another one in Culpeper that I can't recall the name of right now, too.
  6. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I have a 2021 JLUR, born January 2021. Terrible steering when purchased in May wandering anywhere over 35mph. Had the steering box replaced. Same part number, but the new one was an -AB part while the original was an -AA, both steel boxes. Some improvement, definitely stiffer steering, but it...
  7. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now??

    Another vote for pursuing the new engine via Jeep warranty. Curious, though, if Jeep actually replaces the entire engine or only the block...hopefully a complete, new engine. I also think the lines they fed you are BS.
  8. ThinSkinz® Shieldz for your Jeep JL Doorz

    These are absolutely on my list, as my German Shepherd loves to put her nose on everything. Snotty dog nose streaks everywhere!
  9. Foolish salesperson

    Like I tell children--use your words. That's why they're there.
  10. Just Curious What a Yearly State Vehicle Inspection is Like

    Pretty basic checklist here in Virginia: Most common things I've heard people fail for include windshields, brakes, and bulbs. Most service stations and even oil change places have state certified inspectors, so...
  11. 2021 JL Steering - not a good thing

    My 2021 JLUR steering on the scale of 10 to suck is about a 5.5 despite the newest steering box and tires inflated to spec. Also, a first post praising a GREAT shop sounds like shilling. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Useful beginners' tools for the new jeep.

    Glad I'm not the only one who calls them wobbles. 🤣 For me, a 1/2" breakover bar.
  13. Big driving improvement after LCA swap

    Crawl under and look. The part number is on the inner-facing side of the LCA.
  14. What was your first modification??

    Kurgo rear seat cover, hammock style. Gotta have a place for the Shepherd to ride! Then Mopar slush mats, Quadratec cargo mat, Rugged Ridge sill guards. Also purchased someone's takeoff steel bumpers, but those are still in Colorado...
  15. Teraflex 09-02-22-110-000 Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 versus Fox® Racing Shox 985-02-127 Performance Series 2.0

    Sorry, coming back around to this. To contextualize: 2021 JLUR, built January 2021, all stock, no lift. Even though the 2021s had the new steering box, mine came with the -AA part. Wandered bad. Took in, dealer replaced with -AB steering box. Steering was tighter, but still wandered over...
  16. Sector shaft brace with the upgraded steel steering box?

    Feedback I've read on this is that the Synergy brace improves handling regardless of which steering box is installed. I've had my steel box replaced and installed with the latest revision and plan to install the Synergy brace (sitting on my table) sooner rather than later. If/when I get around...
  17. Check this out... there is a Service Bulletin out for the JL suspension - steering issues.

    Anyone have the actual text of this TSB? I just had my '21 JLUR in the dealer for the second time for steering issues--they said it drives fine, no issues identified. And they didn't mention this bulletin, only the steering gear one that technically didn't apply to 2021 models.
  18. How can I find a 392 for my boss?!?!?

    Just dropped off my JLUR at the local dealer for service. There's a shiny new 392 on the showroom floor here in Fredericksburg, VA. With no price tag, of course, and it's not listed on the dealer's website inventory...