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  1. Tennessee SOLD!!! LSD narrow rear axle complete with brakes

    Sorry man I just sold it a couple days ago. Updating the post now.
  2. Speaker Upgrade Only???

    Update: I got the fosgate p300-12 sub installed and it is awesome! For $250 you can't beat this. It's not going to win competitions but it's all the bass I need and then some. I also pulled the speakers out and stuffed the dash and soundbar with polyfil and it cleaned the sound up a lot. For...
  3. What are built Rubi axles capable of?

    Thanks man. I'm really proud of it. I have more modest old school tastes but I feel like this is one lucky base model sport. :rock:
  4. What are built Rubi axles capable of?

    Thanks! It was a very snug fit but no actual issue.
  5. Speaker Upgrade Only???

    I just installed 4 of the kicker 77kick25ab speakers. Took about 10 minutes and they sound awesome. Great return for a simple $100 investment. Because they give a lot more clear sound, I notice little bits of distortion more where the cheap ones would have kind of hidden it through a lack of...
  6. What are built Rubi axles capable of?

    No problem man. Looking forward to seeing what all you do with that thing and running into you on the trails again. :like:
  7. mpg with ess & w/o ess

    I've been leaving mine on lately in my manual and I don't really mind it because by the time I have the clutch pushed in it's ready to go but most of the time at a red light it will shut off and randomly start back up about 15 seconds later. Anybody have an idea why it would do that? Seems to be...
  8. What Octane Gas Are You Going To Put In Your JL?

    I just recently filled up with 93 to see if it got rid of the pre-detonation and with it my Jeep sounds a lot better at high load, low rpms. I don't usually like paying what they want for premium but I'll start running it more often for peace of mind. (Even if it's false peace of mind)
  9. TopLift Pro's "Store-a-Door"

    I think I spent about $80 to build this and it could have been done cheaper.
  10. JK vs JL Dana 44 "D44" axle shaft comparison.

    I did read something about someone finding 35 spline components that were available but there were no axle shaft options to match them. Seems odd to me that aftermarket shafts are taking so long to hit the market.
  11. JK vs JL Dana 44 "D44" axle shaft comparison.

    This 32 spline shaft came out of a Rubi m220
  12. Shifting out of 4low

    I literally swapped both in the parking lot on my lunch break. :LOL: There is a good instructional video on YouTube. I just watched it and brought the tools I needed to work with me. All together it took 30-45 minutes.
  13. Shifting out of 4low

    The b&m transfer case shifter makes it a lot easier by giving you more leverage. And rolling very slowly with trans in neutral (manual or automatic) is the best way. Also the more you use it the easier it gets. Side note: if you have a manual, the sport shifter is definitely worth the money as...
  14. Who else drafts?

    I’m still getting used to the new 5.13s on my 6 speed with 37s and I’ve found on the highway I get better mpg when I set the cruise. At 65 I keep a steady 18 mpg. On the backroads I can get 19-20 but I drive like a grandpa. Lol if I want to run 70 it drops to about 15.5. This is the first...
  15. Jl sport vs 2nd gen taco

    Another vote for the cargo rack here. I traded an f150 for my Jeep and haven’t missed it once. I tow a 7x10 utility trailer regularly and when I had the truck I wound up using the trailer most of the time anyway and almost never used the bed for anything I can’t use the Jeep for. I was stuck in...
  16. Wanna run 40s-thoughts?

    The JL handles deeper gears extremely well. I have 5.13 and run about 2400 at 70 on 6th. (6speed) I would have gone 4.88 but I live in the mountains and tow regularly and I love this setup. Still getting about 17.5 mpg hwy and close to 20 at 55 in the country. Running 37s.
  17. Are rubicon axels interchangeable with sahara axels?

    I can vouch for @harleypap57 that rig can wheel! I was one of the ones he referred to about wheeling on the Dana 30 and I did it with 37s lol I have since upgraded my sport by buying a set of rubicon axles and building them up with trusses, rcv, and 5.13 gears. For your application I would...
  18. JK vs JL Dana 44 "D44" axle shaft comparison.

    Unless I am mistaken the shop owner who did my swap said the jl shafts are in fact equal length. I went ahead and replaced the twisted one, and as soon as chromos show up I’ll swap them out and keep these as spares.