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  1. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    Hey Yall, So i installed my JL3100 having a few issues.... 1. Backup Camera not working... waiting on engineering on this..... 2. Clock was not staying set... all though this morning it was correct... 3. Unit froze this morning on boot screen.. after a turn car off and on.. seems to be...
  2. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    Any issues keeping your clock time correct ?? Currently trying to get my backup camera working too
  3. What happened to Insane Audio's JL3001 head unit?

    So backup camera is not working.. waiting on engineering at the moment… clock is not staying set
  4. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    Are you still enjoying this head unit?
  5. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    So i am fixing to upgrade the head unit in the jeep... Looking at the two below... Just looking for thoughts.. Insane Audio Stinger Offroad
  6. JL audio with top off.

    I mean obviously the sound has to go up.. but the quality is shi*... Back in the JK days when you did the "Jumper" trick...... sound quality went back to normal... aka Bass sounded better as well as the Highs and Mids
  7. JL audio with top off.

    Ok JL owners… remember back when we all had JK’s and the cool hack you could do to the back window hardtop connection that would make the radio sound back to normal?? Anything like that on the JL??
  8. Halo wiring

  9. Halo wiring

    Ok so hook the negative up first then make the positive connection … assuming no disconnect of the battery
  10. Halo wiring

    Any need to disconnect the battery for this step???
  11. Halo wiring

  12. Halo wiring

    Will be wiring tomorrow! How can I send you a 6 pack hahah
  13. Halo wiring

    Ahh ok so as long as the fuse is Less than the 20 amp you are good.. was thinking you added those 2 numbers together which would be 30 and that would be to much … but as long as 20 original and 10 add on there sounds like we are good! ?
  14. Halo wiring

    Yeah currently nothing in that cigar slot
  15. Halo wiring

    So since I have heated seat I could use F57 for example with the add a fuse just put the 10 on top and 20 on bottom? Guess that’s not to much??? Or are you saying use that empty 20 amp slot and put a 10 amp in top and 20 amp in bottome
  16. Halo wiring

    So they are the RGB halos for led factory mart.. assume you can’t put that 10 amp in a 20? But I think her fog halos gunna have to be wired to so that would mean I could use that tap with 2 10 amp for a total of 20 amp?? am I thinking correctly?
  17. Wiring Halo DRL / Amber Turn Switchbacks, Fender LED DRL / Switchbacks on JL Sport

    So this shows a 20amp fuse the fuse piggy back is 10amp assume you cannot put a 20 amp and 10 amp in that right ?