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  1. Stranded and Towed to Dealer AGAIN

    This exact thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. I got towed home and switched out both batteries, it started up and I was able to park it in my long driveway. I woke the next morning and was going to take it to the dealership, but it wouldn’t start and the electrical kept freaking out. After...
  2. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    Hello, I live in California and collect exotic paper weights, I’m interested in purchasing your new “paper weight”. (Wink,wink)
  3. Feedback Wanted: Spidertrax Spacers

    How hard would it be to remove the spacers after using the red loctite?
  4. Excessive bowing issue with Mopar lift kit springs for JL

    Does anybody have a write up on just installing the Rock Krawler pads?
  5. What are the biggest KO2 tires I can run on Rubi wheels?

    What are the biggest size KO2 tires that I can mount on the Rubicon wheels?
  6. Husky weatherbeater cargo liner now available.

    The installation instructions state “it’s only for cloth seats and no subwoofer”. Weird.
  7. Found a Mopar lift

    Can you show us the springs? That way if the dealerships say it’s normal we can show them your picture and explain to them it should be straight with no bow.
  8. In a Pinch let’s talk winch ( All but Warn)

    They both have the same address.
  9. Can anyone identify this loose bolt I found? ($ reward)

    It looks like one of the screws that’s for the front license plate mount, the one that goes through the plate hole. It also looks like the one screw that attaches the motor to the frame :whew:
  10. Couldn’t wait so I ended up buying this

    I’ve been holding off buying the lift because of the bowing. Can you show us the springs?
  11. What do you do for a living?

    I’m a refinery operator, I make the gas that our Jeeps love so much.
  12. So what's the scoop? Have the Uconnect issues been resolved yet?

    I’ve had my Rubicon since January 24, and haven’t had a single issue with the Uconnect system.
  13. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Here’s my Rubicon, the front side. Hope this helps.