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  1. Which limited slip differential on 2018 Sahara?

    Thanks. That makes sense. I appreciate that!
  2. Next Venture Motorsports Labor Day Sale & Customer Appreciation Month!

    Do you guys have any differential skid plates for the M200 and M186?
  3. Pennsylvania WTB sahara stock front bumper

    Too bad we are so far apart. I would give you my factory Sahara bumper for free.
  4. Wisconsin WTB New Takeoff Sahara or Rubicon Plastic Front Bumper

    If you lived closer to Minneapolis, I would give you my front plastic bumper. It's not new.
  5. Which limited slip differential on 2018 Sahara?

    How do I know which rear end I have on my 2018 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara? I'm going to change the differential fluid this weekend and want to know if I need the additive for the Limited Slip dif? Will the additive hurt if I use it in a non limited slip differential? Thanks!
  6. Sahara + Flex = ? Does it have manual sway bar disconnect?

    I can't be certain. I would think they would have been fine. A JL Rubicon went through the same stuff and it did not pop off.
  7. XM/Sirrius Radio Keep or not to keep

    I just subscribed to the Select package for $4.99 a month. for 12 months.
  8. What music do you jam to when you are in your Jeep?

    When I am on the trails, I don't listen to music. It is distracting to me. On the street, it depends upon what mood I am in. Usually Rock or Country on the road.
  9. Keep an eye on Sirius/XM

    You can get Spotify or some other streaming service for 10 bucks a month. A lot of talk radio, you can fina podcast or youtube of the show.
  10. Rubicon suspension & Rock rails

    If you see a Blue JL from Minnesota, thats probably me
  11. Rubicon suspension & Rock rails

    I'll be in Oak Harbor sometime this weekend for about 5 days. I'm visiting a Navy Buddy. He is retired and has to work during the day. If you are interested in Jeeping let me know.
  12. Easy to moderate Washington Trails

    Def will let you know. Always great meeting wheelers.
  13. Easy to moderate Washington Trails

    In 2018 when I was out there on my motorcycle, I rode Chuckanut Drive. Very cool and beautiful road. Great advice on all of this. I appreciate it. I also rode to Artist Point. Phenomenal motorcycle ride.
  14. Easy to moderate Washington Trails

    Thanks. I will heed you advice and not go alone. Sound like I will have to try it on a different trip when its summer time.
  15. Easy to moderate Washington Trails

    Thank you for the advice. I’ll def have recovery gear including my Warn winch. Being from Minnesota, my goal is to get off pavement and onto gravel roads and see some cool views and take some cool photos of the Jeep with the beautiful state of Washington as my background.
  16. Easy to moderate Washington Trails

    I'll be out there the first week of May. I'll have about 3-4 days of being able to check out some awesome views. My buddy lives on Whidbey Island. I would like to check out anywhere from the Anecortes area to Bellingham or Mt Baker area's. I'll be a single Jeep so not looking to do any rock...
  17. Jeep Stimulus Program Checks

    As we are starting to get our Stimulus checks deposited. Let's see those deals out there.
  18. Best place to purchase a bumper?

    CavFab. Use code USA
  19. CavFab Ultra Clearance Rear Bumper PRE ORDER! Insanely low price!

    Thanks CavFab! I love my front bumper, this rear bumper will make a nice match.