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  1. Dual Top 2018 JL removing soft top installing Hard Top

    thanks! I’m not able to make either even budge but probably need to go over the mechanics of it and what else needs to move...think my issue is more the “give” in the the folding motion of the frame vs the spring.
  2. Dual Top 2018 JL removing soft top installing Hard Top

    I thought I had my hinges locked but still snapped on me. Question for you guys where it snapped - were you able to manually force it back to the “normal” position for storing or did you keep it like it is? Seems to want to spread open and would need to fix before putting back on anyway...
  3. Anyone fold/unfold soft top every day?

    Hey - yeah that would be great - would love the info - thanks! If emailing - [email protected] Cheers!
  4. Need a soft top for 2018 JLU

    I found a premium top new in box discounted by $1k at a dealer about 3.5 hours away from me. I’d think the dealerships in the more populated areas would have no problem selling them but if willing to drive may be worth calling dealerships a bit outside of town. This was one a customer...
  5. Anyone fold/unfold soft top every day?

    Wow - so badass! Did you have that made? By far the coolest insert I’ve seen. I was looking for Phish inserts or tire covers the other day though not so sure how good an insert would look. Yeah - touch of grey...dig the song but did it more so as fitting between the grey Jeep, point in my...
  6. Anyone fold/unfold soft top every day?

    Yeah - seems sturdy enough. Dig your profile pic and username btw. Phan here, and my license plate below...and I do not love teaching GRE’s
  7. Anyone fold/unfold soft top every day?

    Hope it’s able to take this kind of use. I pretty much am going doorless and top off (folded down) every day it doesn’t rain. When get to work I fold the top up (safari) just to keep sun from beating on the interior all day. Then when I leave I fold back down. Rinse and repeat next day...
  8. Mopar logo cab cover vs Rain Gear trail cover?

    So it sounds like I can get the JKU cover and it will cover the doors and for over the folded down soft top. Not sure why they made a JLU version then - lol.
  9. Mopar logo cab cover vs Rain Gear trail cover?

    Yes - I should have specified. Doors are off. If they were on I’d just fold the top up and attach windows
  10. Mopar logo cab cover vs Rain Gear trail cover?

    Bump - anyone have any updates or alternatives? Would like to keep my soft top on (not up) but have a cover if it rains. 4dr here. Sounds like trail a) doesn’t fit over folded down soft top and b) rain covers company is not responsive to anything. Any insights or updates appreciated!
  11. ROAM JL Rock Rails (MK1, JLU 4 Door) Install Guide - Revision 1.0

    would I be able to get these if I placed my order in March but have still not installed?
  12. ROAM - Rock Rails w/lights - wiring ?

    Did you get it wired up?
  13. JL Soft Top Install Video!

    Hi Alex...GREAT video. I was going to do my install - with no questions because of your video, and i either don't have or misplaced the shoulder bolts so i am stuck at the beginning. I can't find anywhere online the specs of the bolts or even where to get them (they're only listed on OEM's...
  14. PSA - Soft Top Purchase - Check with Dealer

    May be well known but I certainly did not know - just scored a heavily discounted new in the box soft top from a dealership where a customer declined it when buying a new Jeep. Had to drive a ways but definitely worth the savings. Had posted on Craigslist for a few weeks - couldn’t believe it...
  15. Dealer Service Plan - Good or Bad Idea?

    So I bought the platinum dealer mechanical service plan for 7 years. I know bumper to bumper is for the first 3. It covers a lot but also excludes a good bit (mostly the normal wear type stuff). I'm thinking about cashing it in - I should get about $3K back. Anyone think getting a service...
  16. Order of modifications?

    Thanks all - bumper / winch it is. I know didn’t “need” the sliders but got some that can double as step for the kids (big bonus with the fam) and I already have a nice size dent from sliding off a log where the rubi-rails didn’t protect/protrude enough. Would have been protected with with...
  17. Order of modifications?

    I have an JLUR, and need to space out the mods I want over the next few years. I keep going back and forth on a front bumper (already have the winch as I got it at Christmas - long story but don’t have the bumper I got it for as the deal was bogus). But then I am weary of the weight between...
  18. Noob question - same wheels different tire size?

    noob Question - I have a JLUR and want to get new (black) wheels and 35’s...don’t have the money to do it all at once. Was thinking maybe get wheels first then tires once my current tires are worn out. Anyone do that, or does it make sense to do? I assume a wheel that fits my 33’s will fit...
  19. Barricade Front Bumper - Powdercoat Issues?

    Hi all. I’m looking at a ton of front bumpers. Really looking at mostly American made but do like the look of the Barricade bumpers. Have heard there are issues with powdercoat lasting - can anyone who has had one for awhile now attest to this one way or the other? If got line-x’d would...