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  1. Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, and Grand Cherokee Deals! Up to 9.5% off MSRP

    interested on a purchase (not leased) Wrangler Sport S - 2 door - Boston area
  2. Pricing, Negotiation, etc

    What % off invoice or MSRP were you able to get? What were their dealer fees?
  3. Pricing, Negotiation, etc

    What % off invoice or MSRP did it work out to? What were their dealer fees?
  4. Pricing, Negotiation, etc

    I will be ordering shortly once Silver comes back (2dr Sport S) and am in the Boston area - what pricing did you get from Central Jeep?
  5. Granite Crystal Metallic gone

    You can order Billet? I wanted to order a 2-Door and thought that Billet was gone - so been waiting for Silver Zynith to come online. 2022 Order guide does not show either available for 2-door - mistake or not?
  6. New England Area Group Buy?

    I read that 22 order banks open beginning of October- with delivery in December. I would be ready to pull trigger at most within a couple of days of opening assuming options are pretty straightforward
  7. New England Area Group Buy?

    I am in Boston- metroWest. Shipping to my zip was around $950 I recall
  8. New England Area Group Buy?

    I didn't end up pulling trigger as I want a 2022. If a group buy doesn't work out I am willing to travel a bit. Everywhere I had reached out to in MA is not willing to play ball and go below invoice. I did the math and it was worth it for my order to go to Gupton at 7% below and get it...
  9. Recommended Dealers List

    How was pricing ? Doc fees? Etc
  10. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    I like the shipping idea - who have you used before that worked well for you?
  11. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Suresky Jeep got back to me this morning - only 2% under invoice including Tread Lightly - no additional financing discounts. The $75 max doc fee is interesting though - checking around that area to see if anyone will go lower. Closer drive than going to Criswell in MD area
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    I reached out to Alex at Suresky and they are only going down to 2% below invoice (including tread lightly) How long ago did you purchase?
  13. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    I am following up tomorrow with Suresky Jeep in Goshen NY to see if he can do 3% below invoice as someone mentioned that in this thread. With their doc fee only $75 that is almost like 4% as all doc fees that I have seen in MA were over $4 or 500
  14. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Let’s put together a Group buy and maybe we can get a better discount. I am in Boston too ! I Want to pull the trigger this week
  15. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    As the magical June 7th order bank opening date is passing us - why did everyone think that today was the day? The May order guide dropped May 14 - wouldn’t it make sense that June order guide 21 or 22 be next week ?
  16. Recommended Dealers List

    I haven’t found any as of yet. Will be following as I want to drop an order pretty soon. Most are at MSRP - a couple at invoice but nothing lower
  17. 2022 Wrangler Orders

    You mean June - right not December
  18. Recommended Dealers List

    So I have started the process in getting quotes in the Boston MA area for 2 dr Sport S. Going through the motions so I know who to deal with to pull the trigger the day the 22’s order banks open. The lowest I can get so far in the area is invoice at most. Used the dealers mentioned in this...
  19. How long to get brochure and coupon

    Looks like not available for Wrangler - just Gladiator from what I see today
  20. New England Area Group Buy?

    I am in if you want to organize it