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  1. Warranty Heads Up. Not Always Dealers Fault

    I gotta tell ya, that last paragraph belongs in a frame, on a wall. The dealer SELLS it like it's an insurance policy, but when you go to USE it... well, sorry, this only covers manufacturer defects.
  2. Warranty Heads Up. Not Always Dealers Fault

    I feel for you, man. I've been there and the feeling of helplessness sucks. I bought my Jeep at a dealership out of town to get a marginally better deal. The day after I got it home it started to overheat and the fan wasn't coming on at temp. The Jeep had 264 miles on it and the local...
  3. Any 2 door regrets?

    I've owned nothing but 2 door Jeeps, both CJ and Wrangler. I've had a TJ, JK, and now JL (2018), I don't have rear seat passengers often but it is a bit difficult getting them in and out. I don't do it more than 5 or 6 times a year, so it's not a big deal. The seats are comfortable, it's just...
  4. [FULL] GROUPBUY: ORACLE Lighting Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    I'm not sure if things have changed since I ordered mine a couple days ago, but it seems you are paying for half (39.98) now and will be charged for the other half when they ship (which was mid or early December, I believe). They shouldn't interfere with your backup sensors. I actually took...
  5. Jeep hood latch mystery

    I'll bet they look sharp on yours. Post a photo, if you get the chance.
  6. Jeep hood latch mystery

    Nice work! Thanks for checking into that. I really like em'. And I've been checking them out for a while... but even at that price (which seems pretty reasonable) I may pass. It's because they are silver. And that would be the only silver accessory on my Jeep, which I'm not crazy about.
  7. Jeep hood latch mystery

    Thank you for posting those. Did you notice the part where that is the price EACH, and not per pair? Yikes!! I like em', but maybe not that much.
  8. Giveaway & Sale: Hothead Headliner For JL / JLU!

    "Liked" and "liked". This would be a great Christmas present
  9. Good dealers for Service in Seattle Area?

    The Jeep dealership (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of Seattle) on Aurora is pretty good. They usually try to up sell you on something, but they've done decent warranty work for me in the past. I live in Kenmore, which is right next to Bothell. This dealership is only about 7 miles away.
  10. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    Oh man, you screwed up. I was only keeping my mouth shut because no one asked.... I get your sense of humor, and I agree with your point. I also understand the frustration of paying ______ for a new vehicle that ends up in the shop for repairs before I've sent off the first monthly payment...
  11. Jeep hood latch mystery

    I would imagine if you went to a reproduction company, and brought your own photograph, it could be done. I'm just not sure if they require a minimum order? Or if you could get a sheet, of say ten or twenty, do they make it prohibitively expensive? To avoid the hassle, or whatever...? Also...
  12. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    It's a large (maybe 2"x2" ?) weatherpack style connector, grey in color. I believe there are 6 wires in the connector, rather large wires, like a 12ga or maybe even 10ga. Its on the far passenger side of the radiator at the very top. The problem (reportedly) was not that the connector wasn't...
  13. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    Mark, already love your products. I had your headliner in my 15' JK. Thanks for putting on a contest like this, and for rewarding military service.
  14. Jeep hood latch mystery

    No, nothing that I've heard of yet.
  15. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    Alright, here's the latest update.... After calling the service manager, again, and explaining that I am currently without transportation of any kind until my Jeep can be fixed (in a very tactful and polite way). I was able to get an appointment for Tues (7/10). The tech said that the fan...
  16. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    I had a little more time to spend on it today after work. Got the engine up to 251 degrees (about 75% on the temp gauge). The fan IS NOT coming on. Which leads me to the N5 fuse (fan power 60A/100A). Unfortunately, that fuse is part of the fuse block of all 5 or 6 "N" fuses. The fuses are...
  17. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    Good idea, but I doubt it. Only because I've had it just long enough to put 900 miles on it. Including a 375 mile trip home from the dealership on the hottest day yet this year. Granted it was mostly at highway speed, but so was the trip home tonight. Thanks for your input regardless.
  18. 3 weeks old, overheats!

    Thanks for the info, Sam. I may just give them a call, certainly wouldn't hurt to try oh, yes by the way, I do have a/c. It was off at the time.