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  1. I almost lost my soft top today

    Yeah thankfully only the passenger side came loose and the right half of the soft top came up. Had they both come loose it would have been bad.
  2. I almost lost my soft top today

    Today while going down 95 about 70MPH my soft top latch came undone and I was looking at sky above the windshield. I was able to grab it and hold on for dear life until I could pull over. Lesson learned if you have one of those sunshades installed make sure you don’t close the latch over...
  3. Temporary Tailgate removal to transport some stuff

    Is it possible to remove the tailgate so I can pick up some long cargo? If so, what does it take to remove it?
  4. First time in Jeep Wrangler JL. Can't keep steering straight

    I don’t know if it’s an issue but driving the Jeep requires more concentration than a “normal” car. I find that if I glance down at anything I drift out of the lane. I figure it’s part of the experience and don’t expect it to be a sports car
  5. JL (2DR) Powder coated Rubicon wheels- $500

    Stock rubicon take offs
  6. 35s on STOCK wheels NO lift

    I ended up doing stock rubicon tires on powder coated stock rubicon wheels and couldn’t be happier.
  7. JL (2DR) Powder coated Rubicon wheels- $500

    I'll take some measurements and post pictures next week as I bought them and mounting them on my sport S. Stay tuned...
  8. Cost to swap TPMS and mount tires

    Check the amazon questions on that link above. They all seemed to have a problem. I had Jeep dealer price the sensors and they want $90 each. I think I’ll pay the labor to break my current ones down.
  9. Cost to swap TPMS and mount tires

    what does it cost for pairing the new TPMS senseors?
  10. Black lug nuts?

    These are for factory wheels
  11. Cost to swap TPMS and mount tires

    Thank you that sounds more reasonable. Yes please on part numbers
  12. Cost to swap TPMS and mount tires

    Got my first service today and a quote to remove the tpms from my stock wheels and install them in different wheels and tires that I have. Maybe they misunderstood or something but they came in at 190$ per wheel. That’s 950 in labor. You got to be kidding me. What should I be paying?
  13. Looking for pics of 2" Mopar lift with 33's

    I ended up buying a rubicon take off suspension and rubicon wheels. It’s a lift for me
  14. $6,000 Budget for wheels, tires and a lift?

    I’ve managed to pick up a suspension and tires since this post, still on the hunt for wheels. Leaning towards the Quadratec hard rock.
  15. Has anyone done a lift in their garage and couldn’t fit out the door?

    Anyone have a story of lifting their Jeep in their garage only to realize it won’t fit out the door when finished? These are the things I worry about.
  16. Rubicon suspension with RC level kit on JL sport

    Anyone got a good step by step or YouTube instructions for the swap?
  17. Rubicon Take off Suspension on a Sport S

    Can someone point me to a diy writeup on swapping the rubi shocks on a sport?