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    Are these still available?
  2. Anyone going to Jeep Beach??

    Or I can just go to all the events:like: I personally have never had an issue at JB and stay away from anything that could go south, you get the same group of morons at any event. Anyone I’ve come across has always been really nice and helpful.
  3. Anyone going to Jeep Beach??

    Just wondering if anyone is getting ready for Jeep Beach here in a little over a week? For those that don’t know what it is, it’s a huge gathering of Jeep’s in Daytona Beach Florida. There’s literally thousands of Jeep’s that show up from all over the country, Canada, and I’ve even seen some...
  4. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    I have the mopar cover. Used it many times for over night protection in the driveway when my garage has been full of crap and on long trips without the top. It’s definitely nice to have and I don’t have any regrets with it. It’s been in the rain a few times and has worked really well. No water...

    This is normal, it’s essentially the radio/amp changing the EQ curves for more open air type audio. It’s essentially the same thing that happens for hard top owners who disconnect the harness when the music is playing and you hear that brief pause.
  6. What brand of axle gears is everyone using?

    I was between Yukon and revolution. I ended up going with revolution gears
  7. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    My JL was built 11/17, took delivery middle January of 18. Going on 53,000 well earned miles, other than both batteries being replaced and defrost tab popping off, it’s been absolutely great.
  8. Wisconsin Mopar Performance Rock Rails SOLD

    Are these still available?
  9. Cable under passenger seat unplugged

    I would bring it back to them and have them do it, even if you get everything plugged in, they’ll still need to clear the codes otherwise you’ll have a million stored in there.
  10. JL Wrangler Front Windshield Defrost: Please file NHTSA Vehicle Safety Complaint

    There was a TSB for some 19MY JL’s I believe for the defrost duct being pinched on the drivers side. Ive had to perform that repair once since it came out a couple years back. Other than that, I haven’t seen any other defrost duct issues.
  11. JL Wrangler Front Windshield Defrost: Please file NHTSA Vehicle Safety Complaint

    I’m sorry you’re having this issue. I myself have an 18 JL and live in a suburb of Chicago, so my JL has been thru some pretty crappy Midwest weather. I too have also never had a problem, I don’t know why or how, curious as to why some people have problems and some dont.

    Purchased mine Jan. 2018, just rolled over 48k today. Been a great Jeep to me so far.
  13. 2020 Wrangler Engine Catches Fire, Vehicle Burns

    The fire could’ve been started by literally anything. We had a customer in the past go out for a test drive in a brand new 2016 Chrysler 200 and it caught fire in our parking lot when they got back. Turned out there was a birds nest built right up next to the manifold and that’s what sparked it...
  14. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    Here’s my Sahara, she’s been so good to me so far.
  15. New Rubicon Getting Trail Cam option!

    Do you know if they got the washer nozzle to work too?
  16. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Just did some light wheeling near the Ozarks in Missouri, what a blast!
  17. Rubi Recon w/ White Stitching??

    You should have red stitching, factory error. Bring to dealer, they should take care of it no problem.
  18. 2020 JLUR Prewired for a-pillar lights?

    If I remember correctly that’s the piggy tail to the harness for the FCW warning module in the windshield. My guess would be you do not have ACC/FCW?
  19. Heading to Moab Wednesday and Jeep will not crank!! Need Input!

    Make sure both batteries are properly connected and IBS is secure.
  20. Seat Creep

    I’ve had techs replace a few seat frames due to this issue or squeaks from the seat. Haven’t had anyone come back yet after new frame has been installed...some of you might just need a new frame.