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  1. Modifying Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform to work with Bestop Sunrider

    Nice write-up. I thought about doing this as well...however, I have a small light bar mounted to the front of my RR Platform that would have required a few more inches to be removed/set back to accommodate a Sunrider. In the end, didn't think it was worth it. Glad to see this worked out for...
  2. DIY Roof Rack for JLU 4xe with SkyOneTouch Roof

    wait...not one pic of rack mounted and SkyOneTouch open?
  3. What size/style Jeep logo for a Boomerang hard shell tire cover?

    I guess I did something "pretty similar"...

    For those with Mopar tube doors patiently waiting for mirror kits…
  5. Jeep Collapsible Kennel

    I picked one up and used for my Lab until he outgrew it...he's on the larger size (English variety). Overall, it worked out pretty well but now he has full range of the back. Plenty of access from all four sides plus a top mounted opening that I generally left unzipped to allow him to sit...
  6. Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

    I use this... Rola Vortex in conjunction with this... Yakima Backswing
  7. Which Butyl Mastic for rack?

    I used 3M Scotch Seal Mastic (2229) Found Here
  8. Mopar Jeep Performance Catalog

    Hi, Benny - please PM current discount code. Thanks in advance.
  9. Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Compatible With Kayak?

    Not a kayak'er...but do have the Pioneer platform. You should be able to add Rhino's Pioneer Accessory Bar to your setup (43138B) - connecting via the c-channel - which would then allow you to add any number of their other accessories like luggage carriers, bike racks, etc....including one of...
  10. Yakima Backswing

    Just out of curiosity - would you plan to get the "driver's side" or "passenger's side" swing version when available? I am leaning towards the passenger side version - but not sure it really matters.
  11. Wiring

    I am planning something similar - small light bar (20") to front of a Pioneer platform. The thought was to run the wiring on the underside of the platform (hidden in one of the channels) towards the tailgate....where I would essentially follow the install recommendations for Diode Dynamic's...
  12. Rhino Rack Backbone Installed!

    No clearance issues...just need to lift from the front...carefully on an remove (and reinstall).
  13. WATCH: Runaway tire jumps N.J. highway median, smashes into Jeep

    Scary stuff...driver and family ok...Jeep not so much.
  14. Rhino Rack Backbone Installed!

    This should help answer some questions - Jeep Wrangler JL Rhino-Rack Backbone Installation - YouTube Instructions (PDF) for this install should be posted on the RR website once the product goes live today.
  15. Rhino Rack Backbone Installed!

    Waiting for my pre-ordered RR Backbone to ship from Rack Outfitters...should be next week based on their latest note. I went with the RLT600 Quick Release Leg setup for quick removal. Hoping the slightly taller stance doesn't introduce too much additional wind noise. Glad to see this finally...
  16. Bestop SunRider- Hard top paint scuffing?

    I don't have this setup/issue - but would some PPF (XPEL, 3M, InvisibleMask, etc.) in that area solve?
  17. Best Hitch Cargo Carrier for JL

    I just picked up a ROLA Vortex carrier (59502) from Amazon...~$180 (free shipping). Haven't fully assembled quality seems OK and I'm sure it will more than suite my needs. 600lb carrying capacity. ROLA makes another version (Dart) that folds up but has a lower capacity rating.
  18. Where to go off-roading in North Jersey?

    Mendham, NJ here...neighbor. Also, this might help: