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  1. Gazelle in a JL?

    I tried it, and it will work. The doors will need pushed closed, basically a press fit!
  2. Gazelle in a JL?

    I have a T3 and it will fit side to side in the back seat area with the seats folded. I have a crowded cargo area (Fridge, drawer, corner bags, and cargo shelf) so I can't try it back there. You may be able to utilize the small spot between the roll bar and the back glass, so the tent would...
  3. Rusty's Tire Carrier - Question for those who have it.

    Here is an older pic with 37s on the same setup.
  4. Rusty's Tire Carrier - Question for those who have it.

    Sorry for the weird angle, but it's what I have on my phone. That is the Rusty's carrier at the highest setting, with a 38" Milestar, and a steel Rock Hard bumper.
  5. Texas Absolute best lift kit

    Asking what is the absolute "best" lift kit is a bit like asking what is the best dog. Everyone thinks theirs is the best, and nobody is really wrong. That being said I will be the first of many to suggest the Metalcloak Gamechanger.
  6. Who is running 38x13.50r17? Offset question?

    All minor now. The rear tried to rip the factory inner fender liner off, so I cut a bunch of that out on the trail one day. With the rear inner liners replaced (I used Metalcloak) and the rear corner trimmed, the rear will occasionally make contact with the flare while at full bump. Just...
  7. Who is running 38x13.50r17? Offset question?

    Same width wheel, just the slight difference in offset.
  8. Who is running 38x13.50r17? Offset question?

    I run the 38" Milestars, and my wheels have a 5" BS. The only rubbing I get is at full articulation. I ran 37" Milestars with 4.75" BS wheels previously, and they do tuck better. However, there is a lot of different variables that change how the tires actually fit different Jeeps. I ended up...
  9. Jeep Jamboree Moab

    I went last year, you get to sign up for one trail a day. I got to town on Wednesday evening, and did two trails Thursday before check-in for the Jamboree. I don't know if you realize but Fins-n-Things, and Hells Revenge are very close to town. Also, if you sign up for Golden Spike you run...
  10. Lifted Suspension Issues - Need Advice

    Did you adjust the control arms to a spec given by RK? There is a chart on the forum, I believe it was Clayton that provided it, that is a pretty good reference for control arm length.
  11. Caster after AEV bracket install

    I run the AEV brackets, they came with my lift. I never measured caster with the lift, but without the brackets, so I cannot speak to how much they actually changed caster. With everything installed, I was at 5.3 degrees. This was measured on the flat spot next to the diff cover, using a digital...
  12. Need help with correcting rear end sag

    I have a similar issue with my Jeep, however I am running a different lift than you. I think I decided on some ACOS spacers from JKS. The rear spacers are 2" minimum lift height though, that may be too much to correct yours.
  13. 67 Design Cell Phone Holder

    I have been using one for about a year now. I have no complaints, I can't ever remember the phone so much as slipping in the mount. I also use mine to video "dashcam style" during off road trips.
  14. Milestar Patagonia M/T 37s vs. 38s

    The 37" is 12.50, and the 38" is 13.50.
  15. Milestar Patagonia M/T 37s vs. 38s

    I would say on a 2” lift yes. The 37 on the left has about 8k miles 38 is new. That 1” height and width is a big difference.
  16. Milestar Patagonia M/T 37s vs. 38s

    I have run both, on my Jeep with about 3” of lift. The wheels were different, but within about 1/4” of backspace. The 37” fit better for sure, had to do some trimming on the rear, and aftermarket inner fender liners to make the 38” clear.
  17. Best 2020 Memory or Mod

    I was there with JJUSA and was told that that particular spot was now "off limits" for pictures. That was the only disappointment, I really wanted that shot!
  18. Best 2020 Memory or Mod

    Yes we did. Also got to run Fins, Hells Revenge, and Top of the World.
  19. Best 2020 Memory or Mod

    I finally made it to Moab this year!