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  1. Transfer Case Won't Shift Out of Neutral After Flat Tow

    If anyone is still wandering around the Universe with this problem then you might be interested in this. A good friend had this very tow mode problem with his Jeep. He could not get the transfer case into and out of Neutral by following the UM instructions. His dealer couldn’t do it, even I...
  2. Jeep Won’t Start After Flat Tow

    Thanks four low. I haven't tried the jumper but I think I found the thread you mentioned so I'm going through that. Interesting thought on the IBS not sharing with the AUX battery. I'll check with my dealer's service department since they Jeep at the moment. I'm also going to call...
  3. Jeep Won’t Start After Flat Tow

    operator22, congrats on the new JL! My advice is to have the dealer go over getting in and out of tow mode with you. My "not starting" issue aside, you'll be surprised at how stiff and uncooperative the transfer case is. But that's a topic for whole other thread.
  4. Jeep Won’t Start After Flat Tow

    Yes zb39, I've yet to find anyone who has had this problem.
  5. Jeep Won’t Start After Flat Tow

    I have flat towed behind my motorhome 9 times. 4 of those times the Jeep failed to start after being towed. Any idea why? Additional information: Automatic Transmission, V6. Each time the Jeep was placed into and taken out of recreational towing mode I followed procedures described on pages...