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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    Another endorsement for Travis at Tri-City Jeep in Eden, NC. I just ordered a 2019 JLUR from him at 7% below invoice. No dealer, even several listed in this thread, could touch the price. Te quote includes a standard 5% below invoice for all orders (anyone can qualify this with no other...

    Where did you order these from? Everywhere I have looked they appear to be on backorder
  3. ARB 4x4 Accessories JL Products & Build [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    Looks like their bumpers have been released on their product advice listing on their website
  4. Quake LED Halo Review

    Got mine installed. Doing fogs next.
  5. High-pitch engine noise

    My JLU Sport with 3.6 does same and is just as loud.
  6. Quake LED Headlights

    Check out this thread- there is some discussion about fuse connections there.
  7. Quake LED Halo Review

    I havent done mine yet, but did yours come with brackets for the fogs? My box came with brackets and hardware for both the JL Sport and the JL Rubicon/Sahara bumpers.
  8. Quake LED Halo Review

    Good question. I would like to see a pic with the actual headlights on (not just the halos). I will hopefully be able to get mine installed today and will post some pics, but I am replacing oem halogens so have no basis for comparison to answer your specific question ... Hopefully pics will help
  9. Quake LED Halo Review

    Headlights are 7" 45watt. Fogs are 4" 30watt. I have the installation instructions from the box on my desk and that is what is listed.
  10. Quake LED Halo Review

    Looks great, thanks! One thing I haven't seen is what the headlights look like with low and high beams on. Lots of halo pics though. Mine are sitting in a box in my garage until Saturday and it's killing me.
  11. Quake LED Halo Review

    Yes, that is my understanding
  12. Quake LED Halo Review

    Seems a bit harsh to call them garbage don't you think? Some folks like them and will buy them and some don't and won't. Not unlike hundreds of other Jeep mods.
  13. Quake LED Halo Review

    The controller box enables the halo as well as the RGB color options, and is wired to the fuse box or an available aux switch (if you have that option). The turn signals (if you want to enable them) requires a wire splice to your existing turn signal wiring if I understand correctly. My lights...
  14. Can I add LED tail lights to my Sport S???

    And yes I have a new lift, wheels and tires on order :)
  15. Can I add LED tail lights to my Sport S???

    It was as simple as unplug old and plug in new
  16. Can I add LED tail lights to my Sport S???

    Can confirm Mopar LED taillights plug and play with JLU Sport factory harness. Just installed and tested. No quick blink, no errors. I should note that neither the vendor or Mopar would confirm or deny whether these were compatible. Mopar Part numbers 55112894AH and 55112895AH
  17. Found on reddit - pretty sure this was a bad idea

    I was torn between all the "this is stupid" comments and my heart telling me this is absolutely awesome
  18. Quake LED Halo Review

    Thanks for sharing. I am going for halo as well as output/pattern.
  19. Quake LED Halo Review

    Mine shipped today and I am really anxious to get them. Great writeup and I appreciate you taking the time to post all these details! Would love to see some pics with the headlight low and high beams on. Again, great post!