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  1. So this is silly...

    Thats the first time i have ever heard of something in the States being more expensive then in Canada. So just for the sake of it i built a bare bone sport 2 door JL. Includes shipping detroit version is US$ 30640 = CAN$ 37659 windsor version is US$ 32508 = CAN$ 39955 Thats almost US$ 2000 more...
  2. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    my dealer received 80th anniversary edition with a VIN 36 higher then mine june 23 that was custom ordered a few days after mine in early december
  3. TPMS Sensor

    Much appreciated thank you!!! my jeep is still at factory but a set of gladiator rims and tires is waiting for it in garage.
  4. TPMS Sensor

    If i change my tires to another set (rims/tires and tpms) that came from another jeep , will my jeep have to reprogrammed or will it accept the new tpms? Thx
  5. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    this is the response i received! Thanks for reaching out and congrats on your order! Unfortunately, our team is not equipped to assisted Canadian Customers so we won't be able to look up this information. We do recommend reaching out to the team in your region at 1-800-465-2001. Kate Jeep Cares
  6. Patience!!

    my build was ordered dec8/2020, Bx status till April 10/2021 when i received status change to D and the VIN. June 8 is my 6 months order anniversary with zero movement on actual assembly. We are all in the same slow boat
  7. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Ordered dec 8 went to bx status Jan 4 then d status April 10 then nothing as of today
  8. Average Delivery time in Canada
  9. Delays in production- wranglers

    Makes you wonder if the dealer just tried to get all these factory orders booked for fiscal 2020. Still no VIN , no window sticker no movement past BX status. tomorrow will be 16 weeks since placid order
  10. Delays in production- wranglers

    I hear you, and of course talking to dealer is useless. They don't know much, sales already made! I was ok not getting it on salty roads but sur thought it would be summer fun drive with it! Good luck to us
  11. Delays in production- wranglers

    i was aware of that manual transmission problem as well. Are new builds after jan21/21 getting a different upgraded clutch plate or the original with software fix?
  12. Delays in production- wranglers

    I ordered factory special wrangler sport, base model manual with soft-top only added AC and Snazzberry on December 8, 2020. As of today still no VIN and in BX status. Dealer says there where another 6 of these specials and none have been built. And here i figured those would be the simple...