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  1. NJ/NY/PA dealers?

    Can anyone recommend a NJ/NY/PA dealer that is a straight-shooter and offers aggressive, below invoice pricing?
  2. The clutch gang!

    Anyone in the gang here in the Salt Lake City area?
  3. Is this normal?

    It's actually the differential, not the transfer case. Could be rust, though it doesn't wipe off easily.
  4. Is this normal?

    This is the rear of the front differential. I looked at a few other Jeeps on the dealer lot and the transfer case is completely black on the other Jeeps. On mine there is this clay colored section. Unsure why.
  5. Dealer messed it up again and used 7.5 quarts of oil

    Picked up my 2019 from the dealer in December. Haven't driven it as much as I'd like so it's not ready for an oil change yet but should I be worried about it rolling from the factory with > 5 quarts? What's the best way to check the exact oil level? I haven't pulled the dip stick but I would...
  6. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    Sign me up, please. 2019 4-door JL Rubi. Graphite.
  7. JL Delivery Checklist

    Thanks Chris. Very helpful. I found both items. Still a few items on my build sheet that I am unsure about. I will post tomorrow -- but very much appreciate your reply and the pics.
  8. passenger airbag ligh

    Is there a switch somewhere to turn the passenger airbag on/off?
  9. YAY Quadratec door sill protectors pre order

    What are "these"? Can you share a link? I like the idea and the ugly Quadratec logo is really the only thing keeping me from ordering a set.
  10. Seems I don't have Hill Assist?

    Has anyone figured this out?
  11. JL Delivery Checklist

    What does the rear cubby mat and wiring harness look like? Are there any other mats that I should look for? Pics would be very helpful if anyone can share.
  12. Advice needed!! Body bolts

    No heat, just a breaker bar? I really want to add a set of ACE rock rails to my JLUR but I am terrified about breaking these bolts.
  13. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    Are you on AZ? FL? UT? If you're in UT, msg me. I negotiated with all of the dealers in the area when I was shopping for my JLUR and I can point you to a good deal.
  14. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    Did anyone get a price on this new 15 year warranty?
  15. Post your extended warranty price here

    I didn't see anything in the Maxcare contract that excludes the LED lights.
  16. Touch up paint...

    I believe the interior photos in the online build tool at will show the correct dash color, at least they did for the 2018 model year.
  17. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    I read the Max Care agreement. Nowhere does it say that all scheduled maintenance must be done through an FCA dealership. It says only that the insured is responsible for keeping maintenance records should proof of maintenance be necessary. Side note, it sounds like Mopar has an online portal to...
  18. Who ordered a 2019? Who will get theirs first?!

    How do you know it's on a rail car and headed your way? My order hit KZ on Friday but I wasn't aware it was possible to track its progress after KZ.
  19. MVP Lifetime Max Care Warranty no longer offered after November 30, 2018

    What's included in Max Care that's not in Added Care. Tough to tell since the first is an exclusionary policy. Seems like Added Care is fairly comprehensive - at least inclusive of expensive items/items you can't really service yourself. Am I missing something?