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  1. California JLU premium soft top

    Do you still want to trade
  2. Sand hallow

    Hoping I won’t be needing “to make a call.”
  3. Sand hallow

    Ha!!! I’ve seen him on YouTube
  4. Sand hallow

    Lol. My bad on hallow/hollow. I’ll blame in spellcheck for now. Thanks for the feedback. We will be arriving on Friday April 23rd. I may hit you up on that offer to meet up possibly that Friday afternoon/evening. Thanks for all the information. I’ll be going on Dixie website and downloading...
  5. Sand hallow

    Thanks hopefully @mgroeger is able to help out
  6. Sand hallow

    Hey Jeepers, I will be going to sand hallow in April and wanted some insight on trails I’d be able to run with a JL sport 33” tires, rubicon take off suspension and a RC 2.5” budget boost. I don’t have a winch and will be out there with only my rig. Any advice is appreciated
  7. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    2.5 rough country boost, 33” KO2s, Rubicon shocks and coils

    New Years week in Glamis,CA. ‘18 JLU sport with rubicon suspension, rough country budget boost, fuel wheels and 33” KO2‘S.
  9. AT'S First Giveaway, Come For a Free Hood Hydraulic Strut Rod Kit

    Here’s some pics of my Jeep. Would love to have these and review them
  10. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    So I just installed the rubicon take offs and added a RC budget boost. I think she looks mighty fine. Here’s a before and after picture.

    Just added a RC budget boost and someone had given me their rubicon suspension so added the shocks and springs to my sport. Really pleased with the results. Drives smooth stance is great. Here’s the before and after
  12. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    Looks like the event starts @ 10AM Saturday
  13. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    I’ll see. I doubt my wife will go since I’m camping and we have a 6 month old. In any case we’ll have a blast. I’ll see what my other 2 kiddos decide
  14. Pismo Jeep Beach (West Coast)

    We have another thread going on in “the staging area” SoCal. Hoping to meet and go with members from the forum. I’ll be leaving L.A. Saturday AM and camping on the beach.
  15. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    If we leave 5-530 we should be near you around 7-730. What do you think?
  16. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    Do you have boys/girls or combination? I’ll ask if they want to go but I know they’ll have sports. I’m thinking of leaving 5-5:30
  17. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    I’m staying on the beach. Looks very kid friendly. My kids haven’t decided yet if they’re going ages 10 and 11
  18. Pismo beach Jeep fest

    I’m down with that. I’m in WLA. I have to take the 101. Maybe we can meet somewhere around you