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  1. What are your other rides?

    99 Land Cruiser
  2. Would you buy a Lambent Earth colored JL?

    I had a brown 78 CJ-7 similar to this. Loved it. Looked great with the tan denim upholstery and top.
  3. There is no perfect engine

  4. There is no perfect engine

    That's the kind of mileage my Tundra gets.
  5. There is no perfect engine

    My motorcycle battery has been dead for 6 months and it doesn't seem to be an issue. The start/stop no longer functions but I hate it anyway, so who cares? Get the V6. It is dependable, has plenty of power, and gets great gas long as you don't put huge tires on your Jeep.
  6. 33's on a Sport S

    Which wheels are those and what is the offset? Looks great.
  7. Exterior Color Selection

    If you like grey the Granite is very nice. Looks good with the standard black top too.
  8. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    I like it. Nice looking Jeep.
  9. Did Y’all Know About This?

    Didn't know that!
  10. Proper Jeep Wave

    Doesn't matter, just do it!
  11. Welp...Nacho and Hella are done

    Bummer. I liked this.
  12. Poop on 392

    Lame review...
  13. How did you decide on your engine?

    It was easy. I went with the engine that has the proven track record. I average about 23 MPG which is good enough for me.
  14. Lack the strength to mount tires

    Get one of these at Harbor Freight
  15. Wrangler 392: Looking to haul more than ass

    Here is an option: Just drive slow. Imagine all the gas you would save. 😉