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  1. Gas Fumes very strong

    Should of bought a diesel, 0 gas fumes. I couldn’t resist. That does Not sound normal at all. I would be constantly down there trying to get this resolved. I hope you guys find a fix.
  2. Nosey neighbor..

    I don’t like it when your honest and tell them how much it cost and then they say, oh I would never pay that, or I would have bought a used one, and the best one, I could have got you like 10,000 off. Even if I could get someone a huge discount I wouldn’t tell them after they already made the...
  3. any1 run Rusty's rear bumper?

    Any idea how much it weigh’s? I am not seeing any numbers.
  4. Let's talk coffee, what is your set up?

    This is what I am using at home and camping. Sturdy and makes a great espresso. Never knew it existed until I was tired of waiting for the espresso machine to heat up for one cup of coffee. With a little research it was a great find. The wife won’t get coffee at any of the main locations...
  5. Freedom Winch Line?

    Some problems for sure but a neat idea. I would think this would be something like the king of the hammers could use for speed and less parts. It’s not for me and I am sure others have already done this themselves who are good with rope weaving.
  6. New hookless winch rope!? Thought?

    There will be excess wear on your winch line by doing this. You will still need gloves anyway for other things. The winch line is not a tree saver so you will damage trees. Your still going to need soft shackles or regular ones and tree savers if you need to use a snatch block. I will keep...
  7. Hard rock skid plates - heavy heavy

    Just buy a cheap good used gas mileage car and leave the jeep as is.
  8. Current music in your Jeep?

    I listen to anything before 99. After that I listen to everything except the new country. There is only 1-2 songs a year I like. Johnny Cash, Waylon and Willy are some of the greats. Right now most of the time it’s Colt Ford, moonshine bandits, Hollywood undead, master P, Tupac, and Hopsin.
  9. Met some Toyota guys doing Toyota things today

    Reminds me of a 4 wheeler instance that happened in front of me. It was the most hilarious thing. Wished I had a go pro on me at the time I could of had a lot of money for that video. Luckily no one was hurt in that instance.
  10. Why I bought a Diesel Wrangler

    Same here. It’s the wife’s and she says it’s so much more fun to drive then her 13jk. She compares it to driving my power wagon. I just hope we don’t have any problems like some have had.
  11. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    Next question is, do you do any side work?
  12. Belly pans on 3.0 Diesel

    I have been looking at rock hard for a while. Aluminum will be nice as the diesel weighs a lot and there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for add ons. I had their full metal set on our jk and it was built very well.
  13. Thoughts about winches

    Sometimes safety causes problems that’s why fire pumps don’t have a breaker or a fuse so it can save lives. I for one would rather have a kill switch than a fuse. I don’t have either on my rig now which was dealer installed.
  14. Thoughts about winches

    The lightest bumper you can find that you can afford. Most expensive winch you can afford that has synthetic line. You can’t underestimate how important both are. Had an accident nothing happened to my rig but it caused 7000$ damage to the other car. Not taking my rig to the body shop was...
  15. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    No braking or hitting the gas hard on bridges. When it gets icy here my 6 mile drive to work there are sometimes 10 vehicles in the ditch right after bridges. A lot of them are 4x4 trucks.
  16. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    It is hard to find a competent tech so if jeep is standing behind there techs knowledge that is absurd. Lol hoping one of you gets it figured out before I have to take it in next.
  17. stiffest springs (diesel specific, please dont move)

    Haha. I don’t trust most dealers and I don’t plan on going over 37’s for a while so I didn’t care so much. There is a prominent you tuber who went with mopar for a lift and 37’s to keep his warranty. They also had to install it or it might void some of his warranty. . Not sure on the...
  18. stiffest springs (diesel specific, please dont move)

    When we bought the jeep they told me anything over 37’s will void any warranty I have. We’re they lying? Maybe. Either way if the dealership that is 2 minutes from my house says it will void my warranty to use any other lift besides mopar then mopar it is. I can live with 37’s for a while...
  19. stiffest springs (diesel specific, please dont move)

    I have never heard of them until recently. We had a 13 jk and they never made it on my list for lifts. They made a thread or hoped on to one promoting their lift so I looked into them. When I called and talked to the guy he answered right away, was very knowledgeable, and he Talked about...
  20. stiffest springs (diesel specific, please dont move)

    Talked with Clayton off road. They offer there premium kit and overlanding kit in both 2.5 and 3.5”s of lift. There spring rates are the same on the gas and diesels at 188. Their diesel springs are specific with an extra inch of spring compared to the gas spring. I do believe lift time...