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  1. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    I would not do a 1 1/2" lift if you plan on adding a winch and front bumper cuz you're going to lose 1/2" of your lift.
  2. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    Here's a pic
  3. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    Yes, I have the Dynatrac 2" lift with KO2 in 315C. Stock my rig was wandering badly, lift helped a lot. I also added Rancho Drop LCA brackets which allowed me to get to caster of 6. I'd say at this point it's pretty awesome. Stock Rubicons look terrible so a lift is mandatory for me but you...
  4. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    Dynatrac 2" lift with Fox shocks is a good option for running 35's
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It looks so much better without the skid. My LOD slid's just taking up space in my garage cuz it's never getting installed.
  6. Replace Stabilizer? Did it fix your loose/wandering steering?

    My Rancho drop brackets work great and they're $100 less than the Tereflex ones
  7. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I'm a JLUR, Dynatrac lift, KO2's in 315's, I added Rancho drop brackets. Drives better, probably from getting the caster up tp 6.
  8. Poor steering.........throwing in the towel

    Wow bummer, I’ve been watching your issues and so I’m sorry you couldn’t get them resolved. Any ideas about your next ride? I’m considering doing the same but nothing really gets me excited, maybe a 2020 defender? I test drove a Grand Cherokee trail hawk, it was ok, but I’m kind of sick...
  9. New! Geometry Correction brackets for the JL!

    I had 4Wheelpart install Rancho drop brackets a couple of weeks ago on my JLUR with Dynatrac 2" lift and KO2's in 315. It helped with my occasionally wobbley steering. I'm considering this to be a short term fix since they hang down about 2". As soon as Jeep figure out whats wrong with so...
  10. Interesting Mopar Lift Info

    Well, i've read a far amount about folks adding brackets to their Mopar lifts because their LCA's are still to short. If I was going that route I'd add adjustable.
  11. Interesting Mopar Lift Info

    It doesn't ride badly. Actually my steering is better than stock. It just the that with any lifted rig you're going to feel a lot more of the road imperfections. I know that I'm losing ground clearance but I'm 69 years old so my rock bashing may be in the past. With the exception of loss of...
  12. Interesting Mopar Lift Info

    I also have the Dynatrac kit and KO2's in 315's, I'm adding the Rancho LCA drop brackets on Monday. After a ton of research, I'm hoping that's a better solution for smoothing out the choppy road feel.
  13. Best mod for Moab

    Just get the guide book and AIR DOWN
  14. FOX ATS Installed

    thanks for the reply. I'm running C-rated at 30 psi cold. I picked up the Fox ATS at Northridge for 20% off so I'll try it first.
  15. FOX ATS Installed

    I have a JLUR with a 2" Dynatrac lift and KO2's in 315's and although the rig tracks better than stock, I do get a slight bobble when hitting freeway joints and I can feel every road imperfection. All the suspension components have been checked. I'm going to have my shoulder replaced soon so...
  16. Mopar Lift Installed with EVO MFG correction bracket

    Couple of questions. After having the Evo drop bracket for a month, is it a big improvement to the your ride? Does the bracket adjust to the size of your lift? How far below the stock LCA does it sit now?
  17. Teraflex Front Control Arm Sport Bracket

    About how much ground clearance do you lose?
  18. Teraflex Front Control Arm Sport Bracket

    How'd the drop bracket work with your Mopar lift?
  19. FOX ATS Installed

    I'm about to pull the trigger on the $440 Fox ATS, everyone still happy? I'm on K02's in 315 and Dynatrac 2" lift. My rig tracks better than stock but I get a slight bobble on freeway joints and I can feel every crack and pot hole around town.